Save endangered socialization: Why you should attend homecoming


Abi Whitcomb, Podcast & Opinions Editor, Marketing Manager

The last successful dance was in 2010.

In this school, it seems that physical socialization is an endangered concept, threatened to the brink of extinction.

Going through the halls of the school, it’s dead quiet. Students’ fingers fly across their keyboards. Heads are tilted down, focusing on the cleverest hashtag to use as a punchline for their Tweet.

I get it, we are socially-awkward teens in a generation that fears face-to-face interaction because talking with your thumbs hitting a screen is a billion and one times easier than communicating IRL, but let’s get one thing straight:

Prom isn’t the only dance you should attend.

Homecoming is all about school pride and celebrating being a member of Lancer Nation. You are coming back to your home. And who doesn’t love Lancer Nation? Homecoming is the perfect way to show your Lancer Spirit.

Dances are a part of the “high school experience” and you only get your high school years once, so why not seize the time you have the time of your life? Dances aren’t just about awkward slow dances, they are about hanging out with friends and significant others.

On the topic of significant others, since when has one been mandatory to go to a dance? You can go alone or you can go with a group of friends. Either way, it’s a good time. In fact, going with a group of friends may be better than going on a date to a dance with someone you don’t know too well.

If it is a date, why wouldn’t you want to see your date all dressed up?

Girls, it’s the perfect chance to get that dress you have been staring at on Amazon or have hung up in your closet but haven’t had the occasion to wear. For guys, you get to slick back your hair, put on that button-up, and slip on those dancing shoes.

Even if you don’t have a date, you should make yourself feel good by dressing up and giving yourself a self-esteem boost.

Homecoming also gives you a chance to create new memories. Look at the kids in “Footloose”. Ren McCormack fought for against the system for his right to rock and roll all night and party every day. The whole school went against the city council for their right to have a dance. Should Ren’s struggle and valiant heroism go unappreciated? 

If you attend this homecoming for anything: make it for Ren.

Whatever the reason, you should go to homecoming. Nothing beats good times with great friends or great times with good friends.

Come and show your support and spirit for Lancer Nation this Saturday. Tickets are $10.00 and are being sold all week during lunches.

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