School store brings back original Otis Spunkmeyer cookies


Emily Schackart

The original school store cookies are back for sale at $0.50 each.

Lindsey Guenther, News Editor

Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, the original cookies that were sold when the school store first opened, are back for $0.50.

“The cookies this year are really good and better than the ones from last year,” junior Ryann Boudreau said.

Business teacher and FBLA adviser Scott Greene, who also operates the school store, is expecting to see greater profits this year with the return of the original cookies. Greene was able to bring the cookies back because the school district is no longer following the federal school lunch program, which has tight restrictions regarding food choices.

“Now that we are off the federal plan, we were able to bring back items like the cookies for sale,” Greene said.

The money generated by the school store is used to fund Future Business Leaders of America, scholarships, and other school-related organizations.

In the future, Greene hopes to sell mini-melts ice cream in addition to the other snack products available in the store.


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