Why the Mullets? A Look Into the Mullet Tradition on the LHS Hockey Team


Photo by Amy Overhulser

Varsity captains takes pre-season picture with their mullets on display.

Amy Overhulser, Executive News Editor

Lancer Hockey team members have yet again began growing their hair out into mullets, continuing a tradition.

“As long as the programs been around,” senior captain Jared Tuccolo said, “for about ten years,
the mullets have always been a tradition.”

The look of the mullets was inspired by the big league―the NHL.

“The tradition began, I guess, because of how the resemblance between the team members and NHL (National Hockey League) looked so similar,” Tuccolo said.

With most of the team participating, Tuccolo is looking forward to the season, and thinks that with this continued tradition, it’ll give the team more spirit.

“The mullet is a part of you, and I know I don’t look good with it, but it makes you feel good to be a part of it,” Tuccolo said.

Wearing and showing off their mullets as they take off the helmets “looks cool,” according to Tuccolo.

“No Free Rides” is also a big tradition on the team and it has even been sewed into the team’s hats.

“The term was first used two years ago as a joke from their coach meaning, “don’t give up so easily,” Senior Patrick McKinnon said.

Patrick Cohen, a junior and Nick Pitarys, a sophomore, are both really into how they look with the mullets. Pitarys said, “it’s a big style.”

During February vacation, the team participates in a “cutting-off” party, getting the mullets trimmed at Anthony’s Barber Shop.

“It’s honestly one of the best times of the year,” Pitarys said.