I didn’t mean to

My parents only used that clock to tell the time

Whenever I went outside they would always say

Be back by 4 o’clock

I was always back on the dot

I never wanted to disobey my parents

I didn’t mean to

I was in the woods digging worms from the mud patch that was created in the rain storm

Little did I know the worms would be the only ones to hear me scream

But I loved playing in the mud, my mom hated me getting dirty

I didn’t mean to

The mud was soft, I picked it up and it ran through the cracks of my fingers

The mud was always so cold

I went in the mud feet first

Each step was harder than the next

I was sinking


The mud was above my knees and there was no way I was getting out

I tried to kick and prod but it was up to my stomach

Breathing so heavy I could see ripples in the mud ahead of me

I stopped trying


I stopped moving, stopped kicking, flailing my arms, stopped all motion

I stopped sinking

Almost neck deep in the dark, cold, pit


I sat there waiting


Slowly I started to sink again

Then I knew

I was sinking because all the burdens I was carrying were too heavy

One by one I threw them off


I still sank and so did my hope

I let fate do the rest

I was merely a head in the mud, fighting and fighting for my each and every breath

My eyes were the only part that’s left

It’s funny how much more you appreciate things when you know you’re not going to have them anymore

The sky was a light blue color, like a baby bird

There were few clouds, like little puffs of smoke riding the ride of the wind

The sun shined but not on me

It shined the mud that was surrounding me

The mud looked glossy, like dark honey

Ding. Ding. Ding.