POETRY CONTEST 3RD PLACE “My flower, oh flower”

Written by Beau Dumont


my flower, oh flower,

your lovely petals remind me of a 

warm, sunny day.

the joy i feel when i see you 

washes my troubles far away.

my flower, oh flower,

the days grow weary and wilt you,

your petals grow frail and weak.

the words of what i could say to help 

aren’t there, all is left is a small squeak.

my flower, oh flower,

the world seems so much bigger then the garden we both know. 

i sit in tears and hide my shame

as i fear i can’t 

help you grow.

my flower, oh flower 

the tears once made of sorrow 

water the ground in with you lie

and standing in this homely field 

we will get through the harsh together

my flower, oh just you and i.