Podcast Club: Headphones on. Mic up. Voice heard.

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Photo by Lily Lefevre
With headphones on and mic adjusted, senior Zach Ford is ready to produce a podcast. The Podcast Club meets on Tuesdays (except for the second Tuesday every month) in room 173. See Mrs. Robinson for more information.

The Podcast Club, formerly known as Radio Club, is one way students can literally get their voices heard.  One podcast or radio drama at a time.

A podcast can also be just a group of kids talking about any topic that interests them such as last night’s basketball game, or their opinions on the new school policy.

“Two or three kids will get together and they’ll sit with some talking or bullet points in the studio, and they’ll just start talking,” Robinson said. “To some people that don’t know what they’re talking about, it could just be babble babble, but to the people who are really interested in what they’re saying, they love hearing it.”

The group mostly creates radio dramas such as “Sorry, Wrong Number” and “Hitchhikers Go To the Galaxy Episode 1,” but in this group, you can do anything you want.

“Some things that people have done recently is that they have taken a little hand recorder with them around the school, and interview people or go to different club meetings to see what is going on around the school because that is what that group of kids liked doing,” Robinson said.

Making a podcast or radio drama can be another way to get involved if you’re an actor because you can try out new speaking techniques without having to memorize any lines, or be in front of an audience which is something that many kids have a hard time with.

“They call radio theatre of the mind, and it is because you hear things and in your head you paint that picture of what is happening,” Robinson said. “It’s all just whatever pops into your head which makes it kind of different because it’s not all in front of you.”

The high school has also had a radio station since 2004, and is put together by a community volunteer, who has a background in radio from high school, and has earned the club a spot on 102.9 FM.

“The opportunity to get a frequency on an FM radio band became available to small groups, so basically the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) in Washington regulates all radio stations that go over the air which means if we’re FM, we’re over the air,” Robinson said. “You get in your car and you turn the radio to 102.9 FM and we are there. Although some days we sound clearer than others based on many different factors.”

Senior Abi Whitcomb has been a part of the Podcast Club for all four years of her high school career and had no idea what she was signing up for, but it is now one of her favorite activities.

“I thought it was gonna be like ‘Hey, This is DJ Abi on Leo 103’ and like the talk show radio kinda thing,” Whitcomb said. “I learned that it’s not like that at all since it’s not live or anything, and you can make it whatever you want it to be.”

Whitcomb became the podcast editor her junior year, but also loves to be a part of the shows her self.

“I like being the host of the show because I like being able to make it my own,” Whitcomb said. “But I also like editing because you can give it that unique angle ‘cause you can say whatever you want, but it’s how you put it together and how you tell the story that puts everything together.”

Being a part of the Podcast Club can also help you in the future if you go into a career in radio, or video production because you’ll already know most of the audio and editing skills.

“Podcast is an up and coming thing, and it just makes you more versatile if radio or video is a career you’re looking into,” Whitcomb said. “If someone asks you to edit a voice recording then you can because you were already taught how to. You never know what you’ll have to do and print is kinda dying, so it just gives you another thing you’re able to do and I love doing it.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Podcast Club, the club meets on Tuesdays except for the second Tuesday every month in room 173. You can also see Mrs. Robinson for more information.  New people are always welcome to join.


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