News on Our Novels

Rachel St. Louis, Copy Chief

Attention all!

In case you weren’t previously aware, the novel written by Rachel St. Louis, A Daisy for Hannah Jane, was completed in June of 2018! After self-editing over the summer, the story has been tweaked for the better. Further announcements about A Daisy for Hannah Jane will be posted here, on LSO (Lancer Spirit Online), as soon as possible—especially after being professionally edited, or even published!

New novels, poems, and/or short stories will be published here, in the Creative Writing section, on LSO. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Writers’ Contest for short stories! There will be posters in the halls soon enough. for now, you can check up on the newest short story, Three Decades of the Lost. There are more to come, and, please, visit room 411 to submit any poems and/or creative writing stories, short OR long!

Thank you for your time and consideration.