New movie Venom doesn’t quite meet expectations

New movie Venom doesn't quite meet expectations

Thomas Fougere, Broadcast Director

The movie Venom didn’t quite live up to its expectations, but still was enjoyable for comic book fans. Movie reviewers were quick to rip it apart, and it started off with a solid 23% bomb on Rotten Tomatoes.

A group of four aliens known as the symbiotes are brought to Earth by Carlton Drake and his space exploration, the LIFE Foundation. The organization is said to be carrying out sinister experiments on people, so Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, goes to investigate.

Starting off slow, Venom is not on screen for a solid period of time as the story is set into motion. The typical main character hits rock bottom accompanied by showing how evil the bad guy is part of the reason that the movie got a bad rep. Poor character development also contributes to this because despite the movie attempting to get you to connect with the characters, it was a hard sell.

But after waiting through the tough parts, once Eddie Brock merges with Venom, the movie starts to get fun. Scenes with Venom are electric with fast and interesting visuals as the anti-hero rampages on people in his path.

I thought the villain was actually good, with an interesting motive, that he’ll try to achieve through any methods. Venom was portrayed as his comic book self with weird, mental thoughts and actions. Tom Hardy delivered a solid performance as well. His fit was much better than the previous Venom actor Topher Grace, Eric from That 70’s Show, who just wasn’t meant for the role.

This movie may not be the best movie in terms of critical glory and awards, but instead can be enjoyed by comic book fans and Venom fans.

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