Prism: Bringing the audience closer than ever before

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Prism: Bringing the audience closer than ever before

Photo from LSO Archive

Photo from LSO Archive

Photo from LSO Archive

Bella McCutcheon, Reporter

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Band Director Mr. Beaulieu never knows what he’s going to get during Prism auditions.

Although he’s been conducting auditions for the school’s annual Prism Concert since 2004, Beaulieu said the talent that walks through his door changes every year.

“This year we have an accordion player and one year we had a girl play the airhoo,” Beaulieu said. “We try to involve a lot of variety, especially in the styles of music.”

Although many students gravitate toward the same styles of music to audition with, Beaulieu manages to find the diamond in the rough. With 75 auditions this year, the show will have something for everyone, each piece of music unique and standing out from the others.

Despite the ample amount of performers to choose from, sometimes finding those unique pieces can be a challenge for Beaulieu.

“Lots of students pick the typical pop love ballad type song to try out with,” Beaulieu said. “If we were to pick all the songs like that, the show would be too overwhelming.”

When selecting the song that will be performed for the grand finale of the show, Beaulieu also always finds songs that are unexpected, hoping to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.  

“Every year we have a finale,” Beaulieu said. “We bring the chorus, the orchestra, and the jazz ensemble on to perform a medley altogether. This year we are doing the music of the rock band ‘Chicago,’ creating a ten minute medley.”

Senior Mike Crowley has been a part of the concert two years in a row, and admires the connections performers are able to make with the audience compared to the music department’s other shows.

“I love interacting with the audience,” Crowley said. “When you’re in a normal performance group, like the band, you can’t be jumping around or sticking out. You really need to fit in, and you can’t really get the crowd going.”

In Prism, however, students are able to let loose on the stage, captivating the audience.

“At Prism, people give standing ovations, people are hooting and hollering, calling your name,” Crowley said. “It’s fun to see the audience like that.”

The variety Prism provides also allows the students to express themselves through music in a way other concerts do not since they’re able to bring something new to the table every year.

“Every other concert you go to is normally all the same type of music, and it gets a little boring after a while,” Crowley said. “Prism is different though. It changes every year.”

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