Lancer hockey seniors reflect on high school experience


Photo courtesy of Noah Malcolm

The seniors of LHR unite together one last time at the end of the season in the locker room following their postseason loss against Salem.

In joining a boys sports team, such as, Lancer Hockey, the camaraderie and brotherhood that is formed over time is unmatched. The memories that form as a result of this brotherhood is something that will stay with each of the players, especially the graduating seniors even past high school.

Anthony Federico:

Throughout a season there are going to be significant moments that stick with each player, sometimes it takes place not even on the ice. For senior captain, Anthony Federico, his favorite moment was their school wide known Soulja Boy dance.

“Walking out and doing that in front of the whole school was a pretty cool feeling especially as a freshman,” Federico said.

There is no argument that the Lancer Hockey team is one of the most unique teams out of the winter sports, but with this team there are experiences that no other teams go through.

“Everyone is equal when it comes to hockey, whether it’s the freshman or the rookies on the team for the first time,” Federico said. “We try to have everyone feel equal and feel like they have the chance to speak up.”

For Federico, this was something that has always been important for him, being a 4-year varsity player, he understands that feeling of being the youngest on the team.

Derek Felix:

For senior, Derek Felix, his first time on the varsity team, in his second year of hockey, came with some life changing moments.

“The past three years of my life have truly been special thanks to hockey,” Felix said. “Whether you’re on the ice or in the stands you truly get a sense of family. I loved seeing all the fans in stands before we hit the ice. I also loved the sense of togetherness me and the boys had. It was truly something special and almost indescribable.”

Photo courtesy of Anthony Federico
Felix (far right) reminisces on his growth over the past four years,

For Felix, this season would be his last chance to compete on the ice as he has decided to enlist in the Marine Corps this summer. From one brotherhood to the next, Felix is going to miss many aspects of LHR.

“I’m definitely going to miss the brotherhood,” Felix said. “There’s nothing that compares to the family in a hockey locker room. Through thick and thin everyone is there for everyone. You know you’re a family from the first day you walk in the locker room and step on the ice. It’s something you can’t find anywhere else, and I wouldn’t want to spend my 3 years of hockey with any other group of guys.”

Patrick Cohen:

For the Lancer hockey team, the Friday night spaghetti team dinners are something that all the boys look forward to, especially senior, Patrick Cohen. These dinners boosts the morale of the team going into the next game.

“My favorite moments are definitely the spaggers,” Cohen said. “When we all hang out as a team and really start to make the friendships.”

For Cohen, although the friendships made during the spaghetti dinners brought out his good side, he is going to miss the other side that came out of him during hockey just as much.

“I think it’s safe to say that I am going to miss the violence and the state of mind that hockey put me in… but I’m mostly going to miss the boys,” Cohen said.

Cameron Donovan:

In the sport of hockey, there are many key components that have to be put together to win a game, most importantly, the aspect of teamwork. Any team’s goalie would know this the best, and the same is true for senior captain Cameron Donovan.

“What is different about Lancer hockey compared to all other sports is the fact that you can’t win with only one person,” Donovan said. “Most other sports can have one superstar score every point and win it for the team every game. With hockey you have to have constant communication and understanding with whoever is one the ice with you.

Although the season did not end the way the senior boys may have wanted, Donovan enjoyed the season for what is was.

“The only thing I would’ve changed is that the season had never ended, but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing,” Donovan said. “I’m going to miss the whole team and the atmosphere in the locker room where we can make jokes and laugh about it forever. I’m going to miss the games where we would push and win just to listen to country roads after the game. Lastly the practices where I can try crazy techniques to see if they work so I can use them in games. Overall in one thought, I would say I am going to miss everything.”

Photo courtesy of Joey Stowell
Donovan (bottom center) played his heart out in goal this season and was a dependable backstop each game for the Lancers.

Jack Thompson:

Similar to teammate, Anthony Federico, senior Jack Thompson didn’t always have to be on the ice to enjoy good times with the team.

“Some of my favorite moments from my years on the team are the pep rallies before they were destroyed,” Thompson said. “From freshman year dancing to “Crank That” by Soulja Boy, hearing the whole school get excited to our Star Wars battle sophomore year, and finally dancing to Rolex by Ayo and Teo junior year. Theses are some of my favorite moments I will always remember!”

Like the excitement that comes from performing in front of the school during the pep rallies, the feeling of being cheered on by fans during games is a moment that Thompson liked best and that he will hold onto.

“I’m going to miss the fans,” Thompson said. “It was the most incredible feeling to hear the screams and cheers from everyone during the game. It was a huge confidence boost. And I will also miss the sudden burst of excitement from the crowd after one of my huge open ice hits.”

Cole Ferguson:

For senior, Cole Ferguson, the experience in Londonderry’s hockey program was an unforgettable time, yet there are still some things he would like to see the program build on for the betterment of the future Lancer hockey players.

“I personally think the program was pretty well run overall, and well coordinated,” Ferguson said. “The only thing I would change is the amount of off-ice training in the program. Sure, you can skate hard, but if you don’t increase your strength and power, you’ll give yourself a huge disadvantage, such as checking and hitting shots on the blue line.”

From the day they are brought into the program, the bond created and the brotherhood that is formed was a highlight in Ferguson’s memories.

“I am going to miss everything,” Ferguson said. “Every bit of it. The spaghetti dinners every Friday night, The feeling of hitting the ice with your brothers every day is something that is going to be extremely tough to get over. Playing in front of family and a huge crowd of people on Saturday nights were some of the best memories I will ever have. Once a Lancer, always a Lancer. LHR for life”.

Matt Naso:

The attachment to a sport is something some players have a hard time letting go. Senior Matt Naso understands exactly how this feeling is, but is keeping a positive outlook on all of his experiences.

“If there was one thing I could change, it would be my attitude about hockey and only being given four years playing at this high school,” Naso said. “You cannot take anything for granted and I believe I’m a little at fault for this. So if you love a sport so much, make every second count.”

Similar to teammate Ferguson, the crowd’s effect on the play of the game is something that Naso is going to remember for a long time.

“The thing I’ll miss the most is walking through the halls before stepping on the ice and as I get closer I hear the Londonderry crowd,” Naso said. “It got my adrenaline rushing through my body every game.”

It is evident that the boys of LHR have a rare and unique ambition inside each and everyone of them that will stay burning inside them wherever life takes them.

Photo courtesy of Joey Stowell
Naso (far left) was a key member of this year’s squad and will be missed as he has played his final game for LHS.
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