Time to nominate teacher of the year


Kait Bedell

Last year’s Teacher of the Year, Mr. Decloux, poses for a photo during his metals class.

LHS Students, it’s that time of year where we take time to think of honoring teachers. To do so, you can click the links below, or pick up a physical form in House 3.

Here’s a copy of the email sent out to all students.

“Hello Lancers !!
The April 19th spring pep rally is fast approaching.
Traditionally, this is when the High School Teacher of the Year and the Middle School
Teacher of the Year recipients are acknowledged and celebrated.
The nomination process is now open and we need to hear from you!
Please considering nominating a teacher you feel is deserving of this recognition.
Please note that forms must be filled out completely in order to be passed onto the
Links to Google Nomination Forms:
High School Teacher of the Year-  https://goo.gl/forms/BPVQG9NftRt7cpbi1
Middle School Teacher of the Year- https://goo.gl/forms/1yoxfBBhkztSsDCE3
Paper versions of the nomination forms are available in each of the house offices as well
as the main office.
If you have any questions please reach out to me in House 3 or email me at
[email protected]
Thank you !”


Here are the past winners since 1995.

1995 Joanne Blake
1996 Kathy Wicker
1997 Janet Giddings
1998 Robert Harrington
1999 Michael Hogan
2000 Flora Sapsin
2001 James Choquette
2002 Sara Young
2003 Eva Koch
2004 Brian Courtemanche
2005 Concetta Dube
2006 John Vaughn
2007 Paul Dutton
2008 LHS Staff: EDies School of Excellence
2009 Scott Milne
2010 Lori Painter
2011 Amity Ferraro
2012 Mary Kate Heavey
2013 Mary DeWinkeleer
2014 Daniel Grant
2015 Betty Wong-Mak
2016 Stephen Tallo
2017 Corrine Murphy
2018 Greg DeCloux