Don’t hate on baseball: slide to third, not conclusions

Calling my favorite sport “slow” won’t offend me, because I know watching baseball trains a person to be patient. Of course, not everyone has that diligence. Things tend to get tense in the last few innings. But when people tell me straight to my face that “baseball is soooo boring,” I need to draw a line.


You see, not everyone has the same opinion, and that’s okay. There are probably some diehard Red Sox fans reading this article, and to those of you who nod your head vigorously, I applaud you. Loudly. But, in all seriousness, just because some people don’t like baseball doesn’t mean that it’s a bad sport. Baseball players are not slow and sluggish. They are trained to wait for the pitch, be ready to catch the ball, slide to third base, make an out, or all of the above. The sport itself is more difficult to play than it may seem, and players should be recognized for that. Fast running, upper body strength, quick feet, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, agility. It’s all there.


As anyone could guess, I was raised watching Major League, and I’ve been to a few minor league games. I’m overjoyed when unwrapping a new piece of Red Sox memorabilia on Christmas Day on the sunroom carpet or being able to bat in a makeshift game of baseball with a group of cousins in my grandparents’ vast yard. Memories — that I am not ashamed of — remind me I grew up with the voices of Dennis Eckersley, Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo coming from the TV in the background. Some would consider it a dull sound muffled into the crickets’ singing outside the screen door. To me, it’s like a lullaby.


Baseball is one of the oldest and most beloved sports here in America. Now that the season has just started, fans are beginning to wear their colors again. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, please respect those who love to follow their MLB teams. They may not be a football fanatic, but then again, not everyone has to be.


Fenway Park. 2019. Be ready for some celebration from the baseball fans.