Potential NBA shake-up to look out for next season

Tyler VanAvery, Reporter

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So I get up this morning, and like most people I go and sit on the can for at least 20 minutes. I take a nice warm seat on the glass rim of my godly toilet and start to scroll through twitter looking for memes (as us young kids do these days).

I stumble upon one of the most mind-boggling tweets I’ve seen in awhile, courtesy of ESPN analyst Adrian Wojnarowski. His tweet stated: “There is a ‘growing belief’ throughout the NBA that Lebron James will be traded at some point this offseason. The Knicks, Wizards and Warriors are the most likely destinations.”

My first reaction was to freak out, but then I realized it won’t affect my Celtics. We’re all good over here in Boston.

So I decide to call up my boy Ryan Morse.

We got to talking, trying to figure out where the “king” is going to end up. You have to start by looking at the names mentioned in the tweet. We started by looking at the Warriors who are already the most star-studded team in the league.

In reality, what assets do they really have to entice the Lakers in making this monster trade?

They can’t trade Klay Thompson because he’s a free agent. They can’t (and wouldn’t) trade Kevin Durant because he’s also a free agent and a top three player in the league. They could trade Steph Curry, but I really hope I don’t have to say why that’s ridiculous.

In reality, all they have to trade is an on-and-off the court problem in Draymond Green, who even the Warriors could admit they’re tired of. They could patch in a few of their young talented players Jordan Bell and Kevon Looney to sweeten the pot. All these reasons rule out the Warriors for a landing spot of the basketball god of our generation.

You look at the Wizards and you just laugh honestly. They have nothing going for them. Their all-star point guard can’t stay healthy even if he wanted to. I mean, the guy tripped on stairs and got injured. Then BOOM, he’s out for four months.

They arguably have the most distracting player in basketball with Dwight Howard, and their best player Bradley Beal has said multiple times he wants to leave the team. So, what the Wizards have to offer is their best player, which would mean LeBron would be going to a virtually talent-less team. Oh wait, and no one–especially LeBron–wants that either.

So the Wizards are out.

Let’s move onto the Big Apple, also known as New York City where the lights are bright. Just like Lebrons forehead, I mean, come on, have you seen that thing lately?

The Knicks make the most sense so far. They have the most assets and a ton of money for another all-star player that can play next to Lebron. Now this all sounds great and dandy. Like, yes, they have an underrated coach in David Fizdale, but what they would have to give up for Lebron could hurt them in the long run.

The Knicks would have to give up not only their first round draft pick this year, which guarantees to be a top five pick. Also, they have many young players like Dennis Smith Jr., who is a very good young point guard with a lot of bounce in his step. He would be a nice fit for the young athletic Lakers.

Also, they have Kevin Knox, a player they drafted this year, who is a lockdown defender in most people’s eyes and a good spot-up shooter or slasher depending on what the team needs. Also, Knox is only 19, so that could be a very good option for the Lakers to try and grab in a trade. The Knicks have some other good role players that could help beef up the trade to really persuade the Lakers into a trade. This is why the Knicks makes more sense than the Wizards or Warriors.

I certainly have my own opinion on this topic. This probably won’t be a very popular opinion in the Boston area, but I really think the Celtics make the most sense as a trade partner for the Lakers. The Celtics have the most young talent in the league with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum being the big names, but also Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart. Even Gordon Hayward makes sense because he would sort out the money in this trade and would be a 20 point and 6 rebound and 3 assist a night kind of guy for the Lakers.

The Celtics also have draft picks for the future that are going to be lottery picks. Also a huge part in this trade would be the fact Kyrie Irving and Lebron love playing together. We’ve seen it work before in the Eastern conference, and we’ve seen Danny Ainge make big boy moves like this before when trading away the Celtics’ big three in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets, but that clearly worked out.

So I wouldn’t be surprised to see him try to get the Celtics into the Lebron trade conversation. As a Celtics fan, I would welcome Lebron to town with open arms and never look back because it’s not often you can say the best basketball player in our generation played for your hometown team. I really do think the Celtics make the most sense for a Lebron trade throughout the whole league.

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