Prom is just not worth it

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The claws are out. Why? Because it’s prom season.

Girls are going wild over booking their spray tans, hair, makeup, and most importantly, finding the perfect dress.


I’ve done one thing, get my dress, and that’s all I plan on doing because who cares? It’s one night.  

Now I’m just sitting back, avoiding the stress and money issues while watching the prom drama unfold around me.

From getting the same dress to finding your prom group, the stakes are high, and there seems to be tension in the air.

Personally, I was put into a great prom group, but for those less fortunate than me, there’s drama left and right.

Apparently the Londonderry High School Prom Dresses 2019 Facebook page has no real use, and girls are seeing a practical replica of their own dress popping up on the feed. Do the girls do it out of revenge or is it just by accident? With the fire in their eyes, it seems deeper than just the love of a dress.

And just like a lion and their prey, girls and guys are on the lookout for a date and the perfect table for them. But who even cares? It’s dinner and then you dance, just live it up with whoever! Everyone worrying is overly dramatic and needs a chill pill (but please don’t do drugs, and stay in school).

My unwanted opinion is that prom dates are stupid. Plain old stupid. No one cares if you go with a random guy in need of a prom date, or if it’s just a close group of friends. In the end? You’ll be eating and dancing in no time, with zero thought about who your date was.

When going with a prom date, extra work is added for both the girl and guy. The girl needs to make sure the guy matches her and her dress, so that there aren’t any clashing colors, which can be an unneeded mission within itself. Also the guys would then need to get a corsage, and everyone knows secretly that each girl will want one that matches their dress, but with the limited colors that a guy can identify, that will never happen.

Yes, I’ve gotten my dress, and yes I paid a good chunk of money for it. If you want the numbers, it was $408, and no, I’m not proud that I spent my hard earned cash on this dress. I never really started thinking about prom until I saw EVERYONE getting their dresses. I felt so late to the game, so on February 10, when my friend Lily asked me to go dress shopping for fun, I promised to not come home with one.

Clearly that promise wasn’t held, and sitting in my room is an overpriced dress that I, in a way, regret purchasing. Now, side note, I paid for my dress myself, without help from my parents because we don’t have excess money. My parents weren’t happy, and after a 30-minute phone call, and a life lecture about how much college debt will hit me hard, I bought the dress. I never even thought twice about my purchase, then 10 minutes later when we were filling our gas up, my card was declined. Why? Because Bank of America was concerned about my charge of $400.

Dresses aren’t the only thing to stress about though. Many girls are thinking of hair, makeup, and of course, a spray tan. Lucky for me, my Asian genes allow me to skip getting a spray tan. One thing off my list. As for hair and makeup? I can do my makeup myself, and I’ll find someone for a reasonable price to do my hair.

Now you might be thinking, Lilly, why do your own makeup when you can get a “professional” to do it? According to, it costs about $60 to $110 just for makeup. With that money I could easily go out to eat with friends, which is just as entertaining as prom will most likely be if I go out with the right people. Also, what if I get my makeup done and hate it? My personal preference is minimal. Maybe some light foundation and some mascara and brow gel, and that’s all, but makeup artists often cake on so much makeup, no matter what you say.

With all of that out of the way, all that’s left is to discuss why all of this is so “extra” for just one night.

If you think of the cost of a dress, which can range from about $100 to $600 [according to Prom Girl] with an additional cost of about $5 to $95 for alterations. Add in the cost of hair, makeup, fake tans, and the ticket, and you’ve got enough money to put a down payment on your house. This is even excluding the cost of a limo or “party bus”, which can range from $130 to $185 alone. Once everything has been paid for people, are already spending most likely above $500 for one night.

So ladies, whether you’re wearing a $500 dress or a $50 dress, you can still have a good time. Don’t stress because it’s just not worth it. And put your drama claws away before prom night because claws don’t go very well with satin dresses.

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Prom is totally worth it.

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