School enforces guest policy for dance


Photo by Eliana Patterson

Homecoming will be held at LHS at 7 on Sept. 21.

With Homecoming just around the corner Lancers are going around trying to get their dates and friend groups organized. This year, like past years  like past years non-LHS students students aren’t permitted to attend the homecoming dance.

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the policy, according to house four Assistant Principal Ms. Sullivan.


Why can’t we bring non LHS students to the homecoming dance this year?

As a result of the growing popularity in homecoming, students are not allowed to bring students from other schools to the event. According to Sullivan, the school has reached its full capacity since the homecoming dance has been brought back. Due to the limited tickets, allowing guests to attend could prevent Londonderry students from attending.


A few years ago we were allowed to bring guests. What changed this year?

Another reason that the policy has been implemented is because of lack of supervision.

In past years there has been some problems with supervision and misbehaving. During one homecoming dance there were some guests who made some poor choices. The school district had to decide if they wanted to have kids that they didn’t know in the school. In the end the decision came down to having only Londonderry kids that were known to be responsible and well behaved to attend the dance.


Can we still bring non LHS students to prom this year?

During prom the school can host a bigger amount of kids because it’s off campus. The facility also has  more cops that can supervise the students so if any problems do arise it becomes a police matter more than a school’s problem.


Will we be allowed to bring non LHS students in the future?

Someday if the school can get a bigger venue where we can host everyone then we will. At this time the school didn’t think it was fair that some of their Londonderry kids couldn’t go because of there being to many guests.


If you have anymore questions or concerns about the guest policy please stop by house four and talk with Ms. Sullivan.