Girls’ varsity soccer loses in state championship for the second year in a row


Photo used with permission from the team.

The girls’ varsity soccer team gather together to strategize their next play during the recent game against Exeter.


UPDATED NEWS: The girls charged through the playoffs to the division one championship against Exeter at Manchester Memorial High School. Unfortunately both of the girls losses this season came against Exeter as they fell 2-0 in the state championship. This marks the second year in a row that the girls’ team lost in the championship.


The following article was originally published on 10-29-19

Girls’ varsity soccer pumped up and prepared for Sunday’s playoff game

With a 15-1 season coming to an end, the girls’ varsity soccer is putting their focus toward playoffs. They have made lots of progress from the tough loss against Central in the championship last year, and they are ready for the upcoming battle.

“I think we are doing better this year,” senior captain Olivia Stowell said. “We’ve gained a couple of good players, and we’re more experienced hopefully going into the playoffs and then finals.” 

While their recent loss to Exeter ruined their winning streak, sophomore Ashley Manor believes it was okay because they “needed it.”

“We needed a wakeup call to get us going and [be] prepared,” Manor said, “because they were a good team, and we hadn’t played anyone that good yet.”   

With lots of talented teams ahead of them, the Lancers know they need to be focus and determined. While their first playoff game is a bye, their first game is quickly approaching, so freshman Mia Stowell said the team needs to “practice hard.” 

“We just need to have our eye on the prize,” Stowell said.

The girls are doing everything they can to improve themselves individually, but also as a team. Manor said positive attitudes and a good mindset are what will bring them success. 

“We have to be prepared because we are going to play tough competition when it comes to playoffs,” Manor said. “Those are the best teams. We have played them before, but we need to be ready to play them again. They’ve improved and we’ve improved, and it’s going to be a tough competition. We still have to work hard and be prepared with our minds and be mentally prepared for our games.”

For those graduating, winning it all will be extremely rewarding. Girls’s varsity soccer has a long and competitive road to the championships, but Stowell said they’re ready.

“[Winning the championship] means a lot. It means making history our last year,” Stowell said. “Girls soccer has never won a championship, so if Londonderry wins a championship this year and it’s our senior year, it’ll be something very remarkable and special.”

Check out more photos of the girls’ varsity soccer team below.

All photos used with permission from the team.

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