Clash of the classes: Class of 2020 defends the Powderpuff title


Photo courtesy of Ashley Tebbetts

The Class of 2020 holds the coveted Powderpuff helmet after winning last year.

The Class of 2020 went through their competition with ease during Powderpuff this past Friday. They played the junior class in the championship and were able to overtake them handily. With the three-time champions now done with their Powderpuff careers, the title will be up for grabs and will be nothing less of a dog fight next year.

Clash of the classes: Lady Lancers ready for Powderpuff

Originally published on Nov 20, 2019

As the boys get ready for the state championship, the girls will be going to battle against one another in a fight for the ages. Each grade has a chance to win the title of Powderpuff champion, but who will take the crown, or more accurately, the helmet?

In the first match of the day, the seniors will take on the freshmen. The seniors are the no doubt favorites in this match up. They have won the past two years and lost as freshmen by only a few points. They are led by quarterback Colleen Furlong who has very strong words about her team.

“We are an athletic class and have experience from winning the past two years,” Furlong said. 

The juniors did not have much success last year as sophomores, but junior quarterback Emily Cowette is looking to turn the tides for their team.

“I think we have a good shot this year,” Cowette said. “Last year we had to play the grade above us and that was tough, but this year I have no doubt we’ll beat the sophomores. You’ll see a big improvement from last year. We definitely have the speed, and with Ashley Rourke as one of our wide receivers, it’ll be hard to stop us.”

The sophomores might not have won a game as freshmen last year, but they definitely showed some spark that could correlate on the field.

“A year of experience will help us,” said sophomore quarterback Liv Chau. “I think we’ll play a great game against the juniors, but the seniors will be tough.”

Don’t count the freshmen out though; they have a very athletic core, according to quarterback Sydney Rankin.

“There are a lot of athletic people on our team,” Rankin said. “Meghan [Daileanes] and Amanda [Fawcett] are really fast.”

The seniors have a long history of winning, going 5-1 in their high school careers, and they have no intent of changing that.

“I think the freshmen will put up a good fight, but in the end we will take home the ship for a 3-peat,” Furlong said.