Dear promzillas, put your claws away

Beware: Promzillas have  come out to play as prom season creeps closer and closer.

Art by Hailey Mosher

Beware: Promzillas have come out to play as prom season creeps closer and closer.

A Pinterest board filled with expensive dress ideas, unrealistic fantasies of a perfect night fit for a princess, and a date that couldn’t care less about what happens at the dance itself: the perfect recipe for brewing Promzillas.

Yes, that’s right, you thought Bridezillas were bad, but with prom season just around the corner, the lesser known, just as crazy Promzilla species have come out to play.

Oh no, my dress is similar in color to another girl’s, who I’ve never talked to and probably won’t spend anytime with at prom! I thought I had that color reserved! Help, a junior got her dress before I got mine, how dare she steal my spotlight! Yikes, Becky went sleeveless, and I was planning on going sleeveless! The whole year is ruined!

Now, let’s just take a minute to think about the color wheel that we all remember from art classes. Now, is the wheel an infinite expanse of colors that go on and on? No, it’s a wheel. It’s a finite circle that has its limitations. So, thinking that every single girl at our prom is going to have a different color dress is crazy, and the same thing goes for dress styles.

Hey, girls, let’s just remember that it’s one night in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. In five years, you’re not going to remember who wore the same dress as who or who brought who as their date. So, why does it matter?

But maybe you’re not thinking about every other girl. Maybe, you’re only thinking about yourself. And if that’s the case, then reality check sweetheart, the world still revolves around the sun, not you. Get over yourself and let other girls enjoy their prom too.

So, let’s all just get whatever dress we want and feel comfortable in. Post yours to the Facebook page if you want to, or don’t if you don’t want to. Either way, I don’t really think it will matter. And if you do end up showing up in the same dress as another girl, get over it, take a picture together and laugh it off.

Can’t we all just relax and have a good time? I promise that whatever miniscule detail you’re worrying about won’t ruin your high school experience–it probably won’t even ruin your night.

Everyone just put your claws away, because even if you deny being a Promzilla, you just might be the worst of them all. This season, let’s all wear what we want to wear, have our own personal drama take a backseat, and make some good memories, before we leave high school behind