LHS will open for belonging retrieval


Art by Alp Okyar

The annual Prism concert is Saturday, October 30.

Beginning Wednesday, March 18 (until further notice) Londonderry High School will be open for students to retrieve forgotten instruments and borrowed devices to use at home. 

In order to keep the risk of contamination down, the district has asked that students don’t come in large groups, and just get in and out of the building.

For instruments: From 7:20a.m.-2:30p.m. the string and band rooms will be open allowing time for students to collect their instruments. Students should enter through the main lobby, and head down to the music area. At this time the music directors have asked that the music folders remain at the school, and everything students will need will be uploaded online.

For borrowed devices: From 8:00a.m.-3:00p.m. students are welcomed to come and pick up a device from Mr. Sampson after emailing with Mr.Sampson to set up a time. When picking up devices students should park in the main lot and enter through Wing 2 of the school. This wing is the third hallway on the right once students enter the building. From there, students should proceed to room 218 and follow the rest of the guidelines set by Mr. Sampson found below.

  1. Students are required to log in to the device before leaving the premises.
  2. Students must adhere to the Authorized Use Policy signed by all students.
  3. Device and charger must be returned when school reconvenes on April 6.
  4. Devices must be clean and in good working order.
  5. Please contact Mr. Sampson regarding damages or other issues with the device.
  6. Please contact your teacher with any issues pertaining to Google Classroom or their instructions.