Pinterest perfect dates: Expectation vs. reality


Art by Hailey Mosher

Mosher’s artwork depicts a date that appears to be “picture perfect” but is not exactly what it’s made out to be.

Meeting Pinterest Date Expectations

Planning your relationship vision board can be quite the struggle. Scrolling through Pinterest looking for your ideal dates with your significant other, you come across a few that catch your eye that would be perfect to post on Instagram and Snapchat. 

Pinterest sets high expectations for young teens to think that a date has to be perfect with fun cute photos, and perfect kisses to end the date. The date may not meet your expectations, but you’re not alone. Dates should be unique and one of a kind. Those perfect date ideas, however, may not be so perfect after all. Everyone will be able to see your aesthetically pleasing date; the most perfect photo worthy date…but they aren’t always all that they’re made out to be. 


Drive-In Movie:

Cuddling up together in the bed of his red pickup truck, popcorn in hand, with big comforters and a load of pillows. This night is perfect, watching that one horror movie where you know you’ll end up in his arms terrified.

But, that warm summer night might not be what you’re in for…

In the back of your mom’s minivan, you’re squished between your nose-picking younger brother and your crush who’s probably thinking that your family is absolutely nuts. You and your date are stuck with the sliver of blanket left to cover just your knees, crammed in the back, watching Frozen 2 while your brother screams the lyrics during every song. 


Beach Date:

You’re sitting by the water on a beach blanket, hair blowing and sand between your toes. Life feels complete. You share a banana split with your significant other, babbling about how much you adore each other. You watch the sunset over the horizon, and the night ends with that perfect kiss.

Little did you know… 

There’s sand in your sandwiches. You get hit in the face with a volleyball. Your date decides to go in the water, while you tan. As you’re tanning, your bikini top flies off! Everyone is staring at you. Feeling embarrassed you start to tear up. Your date comes running up from the water. You assume they’re going to help you, but instead they laugh. 


Night In Date: 

The smell of the buttery popcorn fills the air. The fire is lit, and your favorite Pixar movie is on. You’re balled up in blankets with the person you love the most. Later that night, you bake cookies from scratch, but it quickly escalates to a fight with the flour. Laughing until your stomach hurts, it surely is a night to remember.

Then, reality hits you…

During the movie, your date fell asleep. At that point, you couldn’t even hear the movie because of their loud pig snores. When the movie’s over, you decide to bake cookies. After baking them, you realize your date forgot the eggs… 

There goes those perfect warm, soft cookies.


Picnic Dinner Date:

You and your significant other pack a lunch: some sandwiches, fruit, and a blanket. You set up at the park under a tree that gives off the perfect amount of shade. The ducks are swimming in the pond while you throw bread for them to snack on.

The perfect date was not as perfect as you dreamed… 

Your date arrives at the park with a backpack. Inside, there’s crackers that are so stale the ducks bite your hand instead of eating the cracker. Next in the bag is bread with cheese. The bread has specs of green dots and your date quickly tries to cover up the fact that the bread is moldy. Even worse, he chews with his mouth open. 


Carnival Date:

This date has got to be the best. You pose for pictures with your significant other, and edit them with the perfect VSCO filters. Making sure to capture the moments and share with others on your feed. You go on the rides, and catch a snack later on. Running through the mirror maze, laughing until your stomach hurts because of the differences in the mirror. He wins you a huge panda bear stuffed animal that’ll sit on your bed until who knows when . You end the night with a kiss on the ferris wheel.

In the real world…

Your date goes off with friends, leaving you by yourself to sit and wait at each ride he goes on. He buys cotton candy, but he ends up getting it all in your hair trying to be funny. He won a water gun and filled it with soda from the snack bar; then, and sprayed you. Now your arms, legs and face are all sticky. You end the night with your date on the ferris wheel. All of a sudden, the wheel stops. Your date freaks out and starts rocking the cart back and forth, panicking because of his fear of heights.



These expectations for dates that teens are seeing on Pinterest, VSCO, etc. are giving false hope on what to expect on a date.

All dates can be different, some can even be unique. On a date, don’t have expectations, live in the moment and don’t worry so much as to how aesthetic the date is, or how perfect it may have to be. 

Having a perfect picture for your social media is the last thing you should worry about. 

Try taking mental images to remember the moments. Those could last a lifetime.

The most perfect date is spending time with the one person that brings you joy. The one person that can bring out the most in you as a person, share laughs, and just have a good time overall.