Moran finds true joy in the dance studio


Emily Moran

Moran poses for a smiling sunset picture.

Junior Emily Moran rolls her head up and down, side to side, then tilts her head. She bends over, forward and sideways. She lifts her shoulders up and down, then rolls them. Then stretches a little more for a few minutes until she is warmed up to begin her latest dance class. 

Moran started out doing gymnastics when she was 5, but at the age of 10 she wanted to try something different, so she did hip hop. After dancing for a few months during her freshman year, she realized it wasn’t what she really wanted to do, so she played basketball instead for a few years. 

Then as a junior, Moran decided she wanted to do dance again, but this time she focused on contemporary ballet and jazz. 

“I wasn’t doing the right type of dance for my freshman year,” Moran said. “I feel like contemporary ballet and jazz is what I should’ve been doing, so I’m taking those classes now, and I love them. I will definitely do dance next year. I would love to try hip hop again, next year as well.” 

Moran practices a big leap in her driveway at home.

Moran tries really hard to perfect the dance moves she learns. She gets most of them on her first try but others take a little while to remember the form and steps.

“I’m always trying to get better and watch other girls in the class to keep up with,” Moran said. “I always ask questions if I’m confused, need help, or need to see it one more time. I’m not the perfect dancer and won’t be the best this year, but I’ve gotten better since the day I stepped through the studio doors.”

Moran remembers when everyone in one of her classes could do a side leap except her.. Every time she tried or attempted to do it, she’d go for a regular leap. She kept trying at the studio and when she got home from dance class. Finally, one day when the teacher said to do a side leap she finally was able to do it. 

“I was thrilled that I did it,” Moran said. “I was hugging all my friends and jumping up and down.” 

Moran does not have a favorite dance move at the moment, but she’s really good at side leaps, regular leaps, splits, back walkovers, and learning new moves quickly. She does however have a favorite dance out of the two she does.

“My favorite class would definitely be jazz because of the upbeat music and the fun dances,” Moran said. “They always keep me on my toes.”

Dancing is something Moran has come to enjoy very much. For the two hours she gets to dance every Thursday, she is always happy and bouncing around.  

“I always leave dance in such a good mood even if I had a bad day,” Moran said. “I always am able to dance away all my problems and have fun with my friends.”


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