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Remote teachers share their thoughts on working from home

Produced by Mrs. Peabody

Just as LHS students had the option to go fully remote for their classes, the option to teach fully remote was presented to teachers as well. Trying to juggle emails and accommodate all students is a formidable task both in and out of the school building, below is what a few remote teachers have to say about their adventure thus far. If you are also teaching remote and would like to share your experiences, please comment! We’d love to hear about how you are handling these unprecedented times.



Mrs. Kerns


“I’m very fortunate that I get to work from home, it’s a lot of time to plan is all, but I like planning. I love designing lessons that are interesting for kids and I love when they like my approach so that makes me feel like I’m doing a good job for them…I wish there were more hours in the day where I could come up with creative and fun activities, but I’m always searching for innovation and creativity and engagement. I don’t want them to be bored. So always looking for that fun edge.”


“The hands on part is tricky because science requires a lot of hands-on experiences…we are still trying to have the most science exposure possible from home…I’d rather be in school any day than at home. Every fabric of who I am loved working at school. Never have I woken up thinking I have to go to work today because I just can’t wait to get there, it’s so fun.”


“I’m most excited to succeed and feel like they’ve learned something new and be able to think through any problem and be excited about learning…helping kids realize they can be successful and reach their full potential.”

Social studies teacher Mrs. Donovan gets ready to start a busy day full of Google Meets, lesson planning, and grading. (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Donovan)

Mrs. Donovan

Social Studies

“I didn’t know what to anticipate to happen so every day something different happens that I have to figure out. It really is a learning curve.”


“I know I have students this year and we’re building connections and relationships, but it’s just not the same. To see them, see their expressions, talk about their weekends and build that rapport is a lot harder virtually…I miss goofing around with my students and having a good time before the bell rings”


“I’m most looking forward to collaborating with the other remote teachers on cross curricular work. I look forward to figuring that out…I think the more practice we get, the better it’ll be. I know I’m very happy that I am remote and that was an option given to me.”

Mrs. Peabody


“I usually only collaborate with other math teachers, but it has been a breath of fresh air getting to meet and work with new teachers from different departments and I’m really getting to know the other remote teachers very well. We all bring something to the table and we’ve become a really strong team. I’m really loving getting to know them.”


“I miss my students. Yes, I get to see them every day and I get to interact with them, but I don’t get to know them as well. There’s that piece that I have to pull out of them. I miss the kids and the atmosphere and watching them interact with each other.”


“All of the remote teachers are working as hard as they can and some of the things parents are complaining about, we did not decide for that to happen. I would just hope that everyone is flexible in this time. We are all just doing the best that we can, but there are a lot of things that were decided on that we don’t all agree on. So I’d just hope that the parents are as flexible as possible and just realize that all of our teachers are just as scared as they are. I hope that everyone can be a little more understanding.”

Ms. Murphy


LHS English teacher Ms. Murphy shares her home office setup to her Twitter followers. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Murphy)

“It’s made me think more creatively in ‘how do I establish those connections and really communicate effectively the lesson that I want to get across to students?’ It’s a challenge, but I think in the long run it’ll make me better…It’s not about me, I am a facilitator. I’ve always tried to take that approach, but it’s really about how they can foster their own environment.”


“This is an experience, it’s a journey. For me, this isn’t about a class, this isn’t about the curriculum, this is an experience. So what tools and skills can we get out of it that’ll help us in the future?…For me, it’s the conversations at the end of class, it’s standing out in the hallway with my colleagues, it’s getting to know people on a personal level and I’m hoping that comes with time…I’m hoping that those things become more familiar because for me relationships are key. I don’t know how to teach otherwise.”


“Personally, I’m exhausted. It’s a daunting task…Trying to reach all of the students is a challenge and it’s something new for me where we’ve been leveled. I’m optimistic and I think we’ve been very fortunate to work in a community where the students really are great.”


“It’s much easier to do a song and dance and be a fool when you’re in person.”

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Remote teachers share their thoughts on working from home