PSATs scheduled for Wednesday change the school day


Photo by Courtney Clark

PSAT practice booklets were given to students in preparation for the exam on Wednesday, October 14.

The annual PSAT day for underclassmen is approaching. And because of this test, the school day will be structured differently. 

On October 14, sophomores and juniors will be in the highschool taking PSATs and the freshmen will go back to the middle school to take the exam in order to maintain CDC guidelines. 

Although the school does currently follow a hybrid schedule, all underclass students will be in school on the 14th and will not be remote. Because of this, all students are allowed to park on campus, in the plateau or main lot, regardless of having a parking pass or not.

Families are also welcome to park in the main lot if they are dropping off their students who are unable to drive, and drop off will remain the times of 7:10 to 7:25 am for sophomores and juniors since the test will begin at 7:30 am.

For freshmen, drop off will be at the middle school at 7:35am, as the PSATs will begin at 7:50 at LMS. 

Testing at the highschool will finish at 11:15am, followed by a 11:45 end time at the middle school due to the later start time.

So with PSATs being on October 14 remember to prepare and good luck to all taking the test!


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