New block schedule starting Wednesday, December 16, to include mid-morning break


Photo courtesy of the LHS district

The new block schedule will begin on Wednesday, Dec 16 through January 15.

The remote block schedule will now include a mid-morning break. This new schedule will start on Wed. Dec 16 and last through Jan 15.

Last week, Mr. Parent sent out a survey to teachers asking their preference about having a break in the middle of the day or not.  According to the email Parent sent out to teachers this morning, “two thirds of the staff who responded indicated that they’d like the change.”

The block schedule will include a mid-morning break, from 10:43 to 11:11 and also means the school day will now start at 7:30 rather than 7:35.

New remote schedule with mid-morning break:

A day

A period:  7:30 to 9:04

C period:  9:09 to 10:43

Break: 10:43-11:11

E period:  11:11 to 12:45

G period:  12:50 to 2:24

B day

B period:  7:30 to 9:04

D period:  9:09 to 10:43

Break: 10:43-11:11

F period:  11:11 to 12:45

H period:  12:50 to 2:24