Editorial: COVID-Shame On You


Art by Hannah Ellis

The Blue Star Lancers want to send packages to troops with connections to students and staff at LHS

A few months ago editor Hannah Ellis wrote an article called Stop COVID Shaming, It’s Not Helping because at the time it felt like people were being cruel to those who had gotten COVID-19. Back then there were few cases at LHS, so it seemed unfair to blame someone for getting sick.

However, recently there have been more people getting COVID-19 and more people having to quarantine.

And more people not following the rules. More gatherings. Fewer masks. Just because the cases are supposedly decreasing, doesn’t mean we can get COVID-lazy.

So COVID-shame on you…

If you have family members visiting from other states, but do not notify your friends until after they have already visited, shame on you. The choice should be up to them if they feel comfortable enough to hang out with you. No one should have to worry after the fact because they do not know the full story beforehand.

If you have been told to quarantine from school, yet are still seeing friends outside of school, prepare to be shamed. Those friends are then exposing others so you aren’t only risking the health of those who are choosing to hang out with you. If you are told to quarantine it is for your safety and it is your responsibility to keep others safe. It is selfish to think otherwise.

If you are going on out-of-state vacations, but do not tell the school so you do not technically have to quarantine, you should definitely open yourself up to criticism. 

Even though the state does not require that students who travel for academic purposes to quarantine, it is the safe and responsible thing to do. You are choosing to risk your safety and the safety of the whole school just so you do not have to give up your personal freedom.

If you are traveling, but as soon as you get home you ask your friends to hang out, that is just selfish. If you have been friends with them for this long, we are sure you can go at least a week without seeing them. 

No one can keep track of what students are doing outside of school. Which is why it is up to each individual to do their part in keeping everyone safe. You deserve whatever shame you receive if you prioritize your personal fun at the expense of your friend’s families.

We understand that we all need to get out of the house sometimes in order to remain sane. Frankly, we  do not care what anyone chooses to do in their free time, as long as no one else is harmed because of their decisions. 

Every student has the free will to do whatever they want. If you need to travel for college, see visiting family members, or leave New Hampshire for any reason, that is okay and no one is shaming you for doing those things. Your choices are totally up to you.

However, if you choose to do all of these things for your personal life, no one else should have to be affected by your decisions.

The bottom line is, no one wants to have COVID-19 or be shamed for contracting it. There are people who are doing their best and don’t deserve to be put in harm’s way. 

So to those of you who are compromising the health of everyone with your irresponsible behavior:

COVID-shame on you.