Upcoming spirit week days for Mack Plaque 2021


Schedule made by Student Council

LHS 2021 spirit week schedule.

LHS has once again come upon Mack Plaque Spirit Week. This will be the first “normal” LHS spirit week since Fall of 2019.

2021’s spirit week themes are some of the most unique and out-of-the-box themes Londonderry has seen. Let’s talk about how the themes can be interpreted, how you can get some outfit inspiration, and where to find all your spirit gear 

Monday: Beach/Hawaiian Day

Of course everyone knows the staple of the theme, a patterned, colorful, Hawaiian shirt, however this could be a fun day to accessorize. Perhaps a flower lei, flip flops, a beach towel around the neck, sunscreen on the nose, or sunglasses. 

Monday is probably the easiest day to find pieces for. Most of the accessories can be found at a dollar store or supermarket, especially now with stores’ summer wear on sale. For Hawaiian shirts, I would suggest looking at local thrift stores. You’d be surprised how many high quality, vintage Hawaiian and bowling shirts can be found in the men’s button-up section of second-hand stores.

Tuesday: Cowboys vs Aliens Day

Tuesday is a new theme for LHS students. Upperclassmen should dust off their cowboy hats and cowboy boots and underclassmen should bring out their neon green and sparkling silver.

For all the cowboys and cowgirls, think old western, blue jeans and flannels. Cowboys can pick up a fun party cowboy hat from Party City or even the dollar store. For the extraterrestrial beings, go for a galactic, outer space outfit with maybe a tinfoil hat.

Wednesday: Decades Day

By mid week, we’re back to another classic, Decades Day. This theme is probably the most “up for interpretation.” You can be as unique as you want with what decade you choose. You can go for the classic, neon spandex 1980s, or the tacky, 1990-2000s era. Maybe go for a more creative interpretation, with knee-length skirts and blouses for the 1950s. 

Whatever decade you choose, you should definitely check the thrift store first for all your garments, especially early 2000s. Thrift stores are filled with chic, bedazzled, low-rise jeans and iconic 2000s graphic tops. 

Thursday: Country Club Day

Thursday will be another unexpected theme but one to have fun with nonetheless. For the country club theme, think preppy and sophisticated. The vocal point for Thursday will be sweaters. For guys, go for a clean khakis look with a polo shirt, and for the girls, try a tennis skirt with a sweater vest.

Friday: School Colors Day

We will of course end the week with the tradition of Seniors wearing black, Juniors wearing blue, Sophomores wearing white, and Freshmen in red. With such a simple theme, this would be a great day to get creative and go all out. Try wearing your class color head to toe!

Be sure to check out the Lancer Spirit after each spirit day for photos of some of the best dressed and most spirited students of that day! Here’s to the most spirited spirit week LHS has ever seen!