Our words to Morgynne


Photo courtesy of Lacey Salois.

From teammates and friends to peers among LHS, Morgynne has made an impact on our community. Here are some words from those who reflect on their memories with her.

“Morgynne, words cannot express how absolutely heartbroken I am. There is so much I want to say, so many things I wanted to do with you. We’ve been through hell and back together and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to call you one of my best friends. You’re such a genuine soul, with an amazing personality that everyone loves, and I hope you knew how loved you really were. You were someone I could always open up to and be myself around, and that’s something I’ll forever miss. I’m so incredibly sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I would do absolutely anything to talk to you and see your smile one more time. I miss you and love you more than you’ll ever know, rest in peace. I can only hope you are in a better place now and no longer in pain. I will see you again one day, I love you. <3” – Brooke Bernasconi

Photo courtesy of Isabella Chick.

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“To my close friend, teammate, base and neighbor. Thank you for always making anyone laugh and brightening everyone’s days. Everything I do on that mat is for you. There isn’t a day that goes by that you aren’t in my thoughts. I love you and miss you so much. Rest easy Beautiful” – Madison W

“Although I never knew you, I’ve seen the impact you’ve had on the community, and just by that I know you were an amazing person. I hope your soul is finally at peace, rest easy” – Peighton

Photo courtesy of Brooke Bernasconi.

“Morgynne, I miss you. Even though we were only friends for one summer in elementary school at the YMCA, I will never forget the memories we made. We would just fool around and tell ghost stories, and yours would always be the best. Your laugh and smile were so contagious, and from what I have heard they continued to be as you grew up. You were so loved; I hope you’re resting peacefully and spreading your beauty with the rest of the angels <3” – IS

“You are the most beautiful, funny and outgoing girl I have ever met. You always brought happiness to the room when you walked in. I just remember all the laughs we had in class together when doing our Spanish video project. You never failed to put a smile on anyone’s face. You always had something funny to say. I just miss you so much. Ever since that day I’ve been seeing angel numbers all around, and I feel protected. I know you are watching over us and I love you so much and just miss you dearly.” – Graycie Farnsworth

Photo courtesy of Isabella Chick.

“I miss you more than I can put into words. I still talk to you and try to imagine what you would give me for advice. I miss your voice, humor, kindness, the funny memes, texts and snaps. But most of all, I will miss our friendship. I will never forget the memories we had made together, and a big chunk of my heart will always belong to you.” –  Maggie Schofield

“We miss you beautiful” – Kiera Batherwich

“Morgynne, you were always the light of everyone’s day. Your genuine smile and laugh always helped me get through a long school day or a hard cheer practice. You always helped others to make people feel amazing about themselves even if you didn’t get the same in return, and it was one of my favorite qualities about you. I am so proud to be able to say how much we grew as friends this year. I’ll love you forever and always.” – Isabella Chick

“I miss you Morgs! Life just isn’t the same without your beautiful soul. I hope you’re watching over me and I make you so proud! I miss you making me laugh until it hurt, or when you would always cheer me up when you knew something was wrong. I know you’re always with me now, no matter what. I love you to infinity and beyond, always thinking of you, pretty girl!” – Tori Grasso

Photo courtesy of Kira Collins.

“Morgynne was part of me for a very long time. Without her, my heart doesn’t feel whole. She was so bright and beautiful. Her energy was magnetic and she lit up rooms. There is not a single person that won’t miss her gorgeous energy. I love you Morgs <3” – Haley Buonomo

“Morgynne, words cannot describe how much I love and miss you. It was always the best being around you and your beautiful smile. Sleeping over your house and spending time in class with you will be cherished by me forever. You’ve impacted my life for the better and got me through my hardest times. I’ll never forget your laugh, humor, beauty and love for those around you. You’ll always be in my heart and mind.” – Kira Collins

Photo by Morgynne Sevigny, click image to access.

“Morgynne was the face I always wanted to see when I came to practice. She always brought up the mood no matter what we were working on in the routine. One of my favorite memories was when I let her borrow my old cheer shoes and she spilt hot chocolate all over them. I thought it was so funny and we all made jokes about it for a while. Something that always made my day was when I would see her walking to her next class. She could make me laugh without even talking. She was the funniest and most positive person I’ve ever met.” – Alivia Chretien

“I love and miss you so much. There’s not a second that goes by that I don’t miss you. You were an amazing cheerleader, and close friend. You always found a way to put a smile on anyone’s face even when they were feeling down. Rest easy, beautiful.” –Madison Wholley

“We all loved you so much, Morgynne, and I really wish you knew you were loved by so many people ❤️” – Isabella

“I know I didn’t really know you well, but I miss you. I miss your beautiful smile and the way you made everyone laugh with your jokes. I love you so much girlie❤️” -Anonymous 

Photo courtesy of Isabella Martinez.

“Even though I was not very close to you I still loved you. You seemed to have had the best time cheering, you were always smiling and trying your best. Your tumbling was so pretty and was so strong. I will forever miss you, especially when we ran out on the mat together. Love Lacey <3” – Lacey Salois

“Morgynne, hearing of your passing brought back all of the memories I had forgotten from summer camp. In the few summers I knew you so long ago, you left an impact on my life that I unconsciously kept with me all this time. Thinking more about you and your warmth and kindness you showed me as a little fourth grader while you were in fifth grade had brought me back to the YMCA, and how much I cherish our times spent together. For the three/four years I knew you, you continuously kept me included and feeling accepted in a big world of upperclassmen. The loving embrace of your arms every first day of summer camp is something I will hold dear to me forever. Though I wish so much we had stayed in touch and this could have been prevented, your struggles did not go unnoticed even by me, and I know you are in a better place now. I miss you and love you for eternity.” -Anonymous

“Thank you for making me excited to go to treatment everyday! We started on the same day and you never failed to make me laugh or smile! I know everyone else there felt the same way! You were hilarious and never failed to make everyone’s day better! I love you so much and I miss you so much! You were such a beautiful soul and I will miss you so much! Rest in the sweetest peace beautiful❤️❤️” -Sydni

Photo courtesy of Graycie Farnsworth.

“Morgynne – I miss you so much my girl. You were one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the privilege of meeting and were the very definition of someone who lights up a room. You always made me laugh at the program, and I’ll never forget the day you drew your dream to become a mermaid and pasted it on the program door. I’ll never ever forget all the jokes you told and how many times you made me laugh when I felt like crying. I’ll also never forget when you smashed your scale the day of your discharge and you tried using Jon’s sledgehammer from his truck but it didn’t work so you slammed it against the sharp rock and it broke into a million pieces. I got 5 bug bites that afternoon! But it was so worth it to see your smiling face as you walked away from the program. You always reached out to me when I was having a hard time on my snapchat story and I’m so sorry if I failed you. I’m so sorry I didn’t reach out sooner or said the right thing or did anything – you always said you were doing well and I’m so sorry if I didn’t read between the lines to know you weren’t good. I’m so sorry baby -I hate knowing how you passed because it stays in my memory and I’ll never be able to forget where I was when I heard the news. I was walking in between classes in the hallway and I saw Brooke text that you had died. That it was by suicide. I’ll never forget how I screamed and crumbled into my friend while everyone stared. I hope you know how loved you were and will continue to be loved. Your parents loved you, your brother loved you, your sister loved you, Brooke loved you, your cheer friends loved you, your school friends loved you, your program friends loved you, but I can only hope that you’re no longer in pain. You were the last girl on earth who ever deserved the life full of pain and sorrow you were given and I hope and pray to god that you’re happier. It still doesn’t feel real and some days it hits me all of a sudden and it’s hard for me to even get out of bed. But I carry on for you, because I know you wouldn’t wanna see me fall. Morgynne my love, I love you. I love you so much, and that will never change. -Maegan Fitzpatrick

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