One of these people has probably made you late to class.

Walk. Stop. Go around. Stop to gawk in shock. Bump. Trip. Sigh. Walk again.

Forget gym class–just getting to class each day can be an obstacle course on its own. Those five minutes between classes can be pretty rough depending on who you pass by each day.

So take a moment to read the descriptions of the various types of hall-walkers below. Then it’s time to do some self-reflection.

Do you see yourself in what has been written? You do?

Then it’s time to make some changes in your hall-walking style, my friend, because you just might be someone else’s obstacle course.

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Art by Sathvik Manam

The Up-All-Nighters

 “Oh no,” you sigh. You’ve gotten stuck behind them again. Suddenly, you’re playing a game of The Tortoise and the Hare. Even though the kid in front of you is only walking 2 mph, you have to wait for their final turn into class before you can run through the door. No matter how slow they walk, they always win the race. These people are often pulling all-nighters and dragging their feet down the halls. By 12:00 pm, they are still half asleep. Instead of making everyone behind them wait, the Up-All-Nighters should try to get a better night’s sleep so that they can put some pep into their step.


Art by Sathvik Manam

The Lobby Lurkers

You walk out of class on your way to the restroom when you pass the lobby. The slackers of the school have all convened, doing their best to miss the lesson going on in class. Some students sit on the benches in the Welcome Center, some lean against the walls, and some simply stand in the middle of the lobby on their phones. It remains unknown where these students are supposed to be; they belong to the halls. The Lobby Lurkers should try to steer clear of the hallways and refrain from missing class.


Art by Sathvik Manam

The WWE Wrestlers

In a split second, you have gone from joyfully conversing with your friends in the hallway, to becoming a part of the wall. Many students like to believe they are in the wrestling ring and have the talents of John Cena and The Rock. When in reality, they rush to class destroying anything and everything in their path. Whether it be a shove, push, or kick, these students will find a way to go around you, and if not, through you. The WWE Wrestlers should try to abide by the rules of the hallway by calming their rage and taking an alternative route to class if they are not satisfied with the traffic.


Art by Sathvik Manam

The Break-Your-Ankles-People

You try to turn the other way, but there isn’t enough time. That’s when you see them. This student comes running at you full speed and dodges around you just before you collide. Instead of avoiding you, they get as close as they can before they pull out their sick basketball skills and send you off balance. Many would think this was a trend that wore off in middle school, but unfortunately, many students can be found zig-zagging their way through the halls. The Break-Your-Ankles People should save their skills for the basketball court and give everyone enough space to walk.


Art by Sathvik Manam

Mask Kissers

“Not again,” you sigh. There they are. The couple you hopelessly try to avoid everyday is right in front of your classroom door, blocking the entrance. They are not aware of anyone around them and decide that the time in between classes is perfect to express their love for one another. Wearing masks has nothing on these guys. With or without, they will be seen glued together everywhere they go. You exert your eyes from the scene as quick as possible and try to avoid the situation that should be awkward for everyone, but doesn’t seem to be for them. The Mask Kissers should be politely introduced to a concept called personal space in school and save their sessions for outside of school.


Art by Sathvik Manam

The-Rules-Don’t-Apply-To-Me People

What are rules? Aren’t rules made to be broken? The hallway is the perfect place for a mask break! You see it all the time and everywhere you go. Students have masks below their noses, under their mouths, or even resting below their chins. It drives you and many others crazy. Wearing a mask correctly isn’t as hard as you think. The-Rules-Don’t-Apply-To-Me People should consider the consequences to their actions and wear their masks correctly.  



Art by Sathvik Manam

The Snackers

You can already hear the crinkley chip bag as you turn the corner of the hallway. They leave a trail of crumbs wherever they go. The Snackers are having a hallway feast and you hope that they don’t spill anything on the floor. It’s like a juggling act with a backpack, plates, and bags of snacks taking over the person. You carefully walk by them and are grateful that you don’t have to walk on chip crumbs. The Snackers should try to keep their food out of the hallways and eat inside of the lunchroom. 



Art by Sathvik Manam

The Marathon Runners

2 minutes until the bell rings. 120 seconds. 120,000 milliseconds. For The Marathon Runners there is no time to be wasted. It’s a challenging task and there are countless obstacles standing in the way. Specifically, other students. You can feel the gust of air from the runner as they speed to class. Even though it is important to get to class on time, The Marathon Runners should remember that it’s also important to slow down. They should be mindful of others when they’re in the halls.  


Art by Sathvik Manam

The Loungers

Unlike The Marathons Runners, The Loungers have nowhere to be. Standing normally in a cluster, they take up the majority of the hallway. Since they don’t immediately go to class, you try to make your way around them. On the rare occasion that you’re successful, you feel a sense of accomplishment. That could’ve been the most challenging obstacle of the day. Instead of being late to class, The Loungers should make plans to see their friends later and spend their time at school learning.


Art by Sathvik Manam

The Snapchatters

It is inevitable to come across The Snapchatters. Walking to class is no longer an easy task. It amazes you how these people can get to class without even looking up from their phones. They are always making sure to get the “perfect” selfie and will even walk into other students just to get it. You try to dodge them, but they somehow find a way to take up the whole hallway. You can see it in The Snapchatters eyes that they have an extreme social media obsession. Unless they are excellent at multitasking, The Snapchatters should put their phones down in the hallway and focus on their surroundings on the way to class. 

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