“Everyone wishes for silver and gold” except for me.


Photo by Laura Haas

When mixing rings, it’s best to designate one hand to each shade, rather than mix.

Let’s get one thing straight, gold and silver don’t mix. 

On their own, gold and silver are my favorite colors to accessorize with, specifically with rings. But put them together and you get a mess of iridescent colors. 

As a lover of rings, I feel like I am pretty experienced in the field. But, like everyone else, I can never choose which color to wear; gold or silver. 

Gold looks good with everything, right?

My go-to option out of the two will always be gold. It adds a subtle, dainty touch to any piece of clothing, and draws the eye to your rings. 

But, it doesn’t look great with everything. Wearing yellow or orange with gold is a recipe for disaster, which is where silver comes in. 

Keeping silver alone will avoid any clashing. (Photo by Laura Haas)

I feel like silver gives an older, pristine vibe to any ring, which can be good in certain situations. I absolutely love the color combination of blue and silver, but it doesn’t go with everything. If I’m wearing black or gray, I like more of a contrast rather than to keep a bland ring. 

So, separately these two colors are perfect for rings. But together is where it stops. 

When I see people mix their gold and silver, I question what went through their mind during that decision. The two colors clash when put together and look like a hot mess. 

The combination of chunky, multi colored rings makes me cringe, and I could never do it myself. It causes distractions across your hands, not allowing the eye to pick where to look at. 

Seeing gold and silver mixed together actually makes me ill. 

However, the two colors together sometimes look good, but when it is casual. Putting two thin rings on (stacking) or using different fingers for each color can be pulled off, but carefully. 

So when I love both of the colors so much, but hate them together, I never know what to do. 

All gold rings work well together, rather than mixing with silver. (Photo by Laura Haas)

My solution to my love and desire of both colors is to separate them by hand. I wear my gold rings on my left hand, and my silver rings on my right. This way, I can enjoy the two colors at the same time while not looking like I found my rings in the dark. 

Not everyone will like this, and that’s okay. Sometimes I don’t like to wear both at the same time. But I have to say it’s better than mixing. 

So if you’re anything like me, and can never decide which color to wear, try them both! If it isn’t for you, resort back to swapping the colors everyday. But never, ever, mix gold and silver together.