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Saying ‘gay’ won’t make your children gay

Recently, Florida government passes a bill that will prohibit the discussion of sexuality and gender identity
Audrey DeAngelis
Recently, Florida government passes a bill that will prohibit the discussion of sexuality and gender identity

Primary school-aged children are at one of the most impressionable ages. These young students are constantly watching their teachers to figure out which behaviors and responses are acceptable and which will be scrutinized. 

There are certain adults that fear how the presence of LGBTQ+ relationships in the media will affect their children. Yes, young children are impressionable, but that is not an excuse for your homophobia. Why are heterosexual relationships okay to be blasted all over film and TV, but when it comes to two guys holding hands suddenly you are horrified about what your children are watching?

On March 28, Florida governor Ron Desantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, now dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by opponents. This legislature, which will go into effect July 2022, will prohibit all discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in primary schools from kindergarten to third grade. 

Now, of course, these concepts can be complex and should be taught cautiously, but that does not mean children should not be exposed to them. 

The senators that passed this bill must not realize how primary school students are actually taught. No one is going into your child’s first grade classroom and teaching them what gay sex is with visual aids. That is not happening. 

What many don’t realize is that this bill is not just banning teachers from talking about LGBTQ+ related topics but also banning children from doing so. 

Most primary school classes are based around discussions about the students’ lives and experiences outside of school. Many Mondays are spent talking about what they did over the weekend with their families, so what happens when a student has two moms or two dads? Do they have to pretend like they have one of each? Are they even allowed to discuss it?

What if another child asks an adopted student why they don’t look like their dad? Are they able to explain that they have two gay dads and are only related biologically to one, if not either?

In addition to affecting students, this bill prohibits LGBTQ+ teachers from sharing their lives with their students. Children are innately curious and are bound to ask questions about their teacher’s personal life. If teachers are not able to even tell their students about their partner or spouse, there may be a strain on the important bond between student and teacher. 

School counselors will also be required to inform parents if their child comes out as gay in school. This could harm the student’s mental and physical well-being, especially if their family is not accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. There is a reason that some children don’t come out to their families, especially at a young age, and having a counselor betray their trust could put them in harm’s way. 

But in the end, no matter what you teach in the classroom, children will find out what they want to know. Being gay is not something that is taught or influenced, it is just something you are. It is not a choice people make because someone mentioned back in second grade that they had same-sex parents.

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About the Contributor
Audrey DeAngelis, Assistant Editor in Chief
Audrey is in her third year on staff, starting as a reporter her sophomore year. Her first year as an editor, Audrey was Online Chief and is very excited to be Assistant Editor-in-Chief this year. Next year, Audrey plans to study forensic science and pursue a Master's degree in chemistry in hopes of becoming a crime scene investigator.

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  • A

    Anonymous Student
    Apr 8, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    These bills are on there way to New Hampshire as well. They are being considered in the house as we speak, and in my opinion, these bills are needed. One bill that is being considered in New Hampshire talks about conversion therapy, this ensures that a child wants to make the switch and they are not doing it because they see there classmates or friends doing it. Changing your gender is life changing and needs to be properly discussed. Being gay or apart of the LGBTQ Community is life changing as well, you are a minor your parents HAVE to be informed about the decisions you are making. They are responsible for you. Talking about something can change your opinion on it, calling someone homophobic because they are an adult and disagree with there children being LGBTQ is disgusting. This bill in Florida ensures children that are young,K-3, don’t get exposed to this yet because there brains aren’t ready for it. You wouldn’t teach your 1st grader about sex, would you? They are simply too young to understand. In my opinion this article was poorly written and inflammatory. Being gay is a choice, you don’t HAVE to be gay, my children will not be learning about LGBTQ until they are older.

    • J

      John Fitzgerald
      Apr 13, 2022 at 3:09 pm

      Hey Anon, i grew up without any representation involving sexuality or gender identity. I, a bisexual trans guy, am living proof that your argument is invalid. I was exposed to straight and cisgender up through middle school, had no idea what transgender or bisexual was. Obviously the media i consumed didn’t turn me gay, because there was no gay in the media i was exposed to. Happens vice versa with straight kids seeing gay relationships, they’re still straight, yet understand their peers who aren’t. The bill you are talking about, HB-1077, was proposed months ago and was discussed in the house last month; i should know, i was in the room when they debated it. It was moved on for another session before ultimately going to a “holding” place that would eventually kill the bill.

      You also claim they will be learning about sex in 1st grade. That is not at all true. It’s simply providing books in the library where a female knight saves a princess, or a family realize their “son” is actually their daughter. No sex until their sex education in middle school.

      However, it is true that when you said talking about something can change your opinion on it. That is how we learn and see others views. And it IS homophobic if you don’t support your children being LGBTQ+. Did you know trans kids are at 42% higher rates of suicide if they aren’t accepted by their family? Same for children who are gay/lesbian etc.

      And if being gay is a choice, then being straight is also a choice, as heterosexuality is also a sexuality. Why did you choose to be straight? You didn’t? Oh, well it’s the same for being LGBTQ+.

      The only choice you make is how you treat others who’s only crime is being themselves.

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Saying ‘gay’ won’t make your children gay