What it’s like to be a Posh Life Photography representative


Photo by Marlie Fitzgerald

Junior Marlie Fitzgerald joining the Posh Life Photography team as a representative

There are many ways to get involved in the community during your high school years. For junior Marlie Fitzgerald, joining the Posh Life Photography team was one of those ways.

Posh Life Photography is a new photo studio in Manchester, NH. Getting involved in February 2022, Fitzgerald is impressed with all Posh Life has to offer and how it is run.

“I got invited by Aundi Norton to visit the studio and meet the owner, and ultimately I signed on to be a 2023 senior representative,” Fitzgerald said. 

Posh Life Photography is run by women. The owner is Shelly, who is also the photographer, Aundi is the image specialist and detail specialist, Kristian is the studio manager, and Chandler is the videographer who also does lighting and tech. They do all different types of photoshoots from senior portraits to family portraits, so there are many women on staff who make Fitzgerald’s experience the best that it can be.

 “They also have girls who come in and do hair and makeup like Cailen and Katie,” Fitzgerald said.

Being a representative, Fitzgerald will work with the team during photoshoots and overall will keep busy to get the most out of her experience. 

“As a senior representative, I am basically an ambassador for the Posh brand,” Fitzgerald said. “I will do three photoshoots with Posh, and it is my job to spread the word about how amazing the company really is.”

Not only does Fitzgerald enjoy doing photoshoots, she also loves just being at the studio surrounded by these women.

“I enjoy the atmosphere and energy in the studio,” Fitzgerald said. “Just from meeting all the people who make Posh run, you can really see how much they love what they do. It’s a really fun, and inviting environment!”

With the type of experience Fitzgerald has had, she definitely recommends for others to look into it,

“Anyone can book a photoshoot with Posh, and I definitely suggest they do,” Fitzgerald said. “Just looking at their previous photos and the breathtaking pictures really inspired me to get involved.”