Day of Giving ‘angels’ share why they donated

Even though their hair is now cut, the crowd is gone and the gym floor is cleaned, those who donated during this year’s Day of Giving will never forget why they donated their hair.

Read the stories below to find out why some of this year’s angels donated.


Angel Killian Daron had his mom cut his hair while he was held upside down after playing the drums.
Senior Killian Daron

Killian Daron, junior angel 

“During Covid, I decided to grow my hair out. It was getting really long, and then about a year ago, I watched the Day of Giving, and realized that I should donate my hair the following year. I think it’s a really good cause. People with cancer go through so much, and knowing I can give someone something, no matter how small, makes me happy knowing I helped. They need my hair more than I do. Cancer really takes a toll on them, and if I can at least give them some confidence back, it’s an easy decision to make, every single day of the week, my answer wouldn’t change. If I can give a small gift to someone, I will.”

Senior Dylan Dee

Dylan Dee, senior angel

“I donated my hair because I knew it was for a great cause, and both of my sisters have so I wanted to continue the tradition.”

Angel Abby Harrington desired to help those with hair loss feel more confident and beautiful.
Junior Abigail Harington

Abby Harrington, junior angel

“I donated my hair because I hope my hair can make someone feel beautiful while going through such a hard part of their life.”

Angel, who wishes to remain anonymous

“Personally, for me, it was a huge step forward for my mental status, it was supposed to be a resemblance of my healing journey and all the struggles accounted for along the way. I promised myself I would do this several years ago back in like 2019 because my hair always supplied me comfort and a sense of stability within myself when nothing else did, and I wanted someone else to be able to feel that same comfort through their journey because healing from any kind of set back or anything that makes you ‘different’ from everyone else can be difficult.”

Angel Sarah DeFazio realized she had the option to cut her hair while other didn't and wanted to help.
Junior Sarah DeFazio

Sarah DeFazio, junior angel

“I donated my hair because I wanted to be able to help someone who is going through a challenging time in their life. It’s the least I could do because I am lucky enough to be able to have the option of cutting my hair.”

Angel Lexi Alpholz had a family member pass away from cancer and wanted to make others feel happy.
Senior Lexi Alpholz

Lexi Apholz, senior angel

“I donated my hair because my grandpa sadly passed away from cancer. It was the initial cut in freshman year that brought a smile to my face which made me imagine the smile it brings to the person receiving the wig. It makes me happy to donate so why not? It brings joy to other people and makes them feel a little more normal, and if I can help with that I am very grateful.”

Angel Danielle Goodall wasn't able to donate her hair in previous years, but was able to chop it this year.
Senior Danielle Goodall

Danielle Goodall, senior angel

“I’ve wanted to since freshman year but just couldn’t each time, so I just didn’t make excuses for senior year. I have family with cancer and want[ed] to show my support for them.”