NFL’s biggest problem shown on the game’s largest stage


Two refs discussing the play.

During a Superbowl, you would think that mistakes would be minimized, but the refs come in clutch . . .  for the Kansas City Chiefs, again. The whole game between the Eagles and Chiefs was very even and exciting, but it didn’t end that way at all. 

In the Super Bowl, you would expect the most important play to come down to the players, right? Well again, this was not the case. Similar to the AFC championship game, the Super Bowl resulted in another late-game blunder due to another stupid call being made in the most important moment of so many players’ careers.

A call as simple as that holding simply should have been let go, especially since there were less than two minutes left in the game. The refs were simply biased in this situation since this play gave the Chiefs a first down, leaving nothing to stop them from winning the entire game.

Although the NFL’s commissioner said  “the reffing this year has never been better,” this statement didn’t seem to ring true. Every time a play needed to be decided, the refs stuck their necks out for them and helped them win. 

Right now, the majority of  NFL fans are frustrated and these most recent games are just fueling the fire. Either these games are rigged or the refs should seriously think to consider some stronger contact lenses.

It’s ridiculous what these games have come to and what has been happening recently. This whole time we would think that the ref’s job was to make fair calls that are fair and unbiased. My question is what changed, why now do they strive to put one team so far above another?