Student Council puts together a variety of themes for spring spirit week


Courtesy of @stucolhs2023

LHS Student Council puts together a variety of spirit day themes for LHS prior to spring break.

The following themes are for each spirit week day prior to the spring pep rally and spring break: 

Monday: PJ Day

Get out your bathrobes and pajama pants!

Tuesday: Dress like a Teacher/Student Day 

Students- dress as your favorite teacher!

Teachers- dress as a student! 

Wednesday: Dressing Day

Each class dresses as a dressing:

  • Ranch Dressing- Seniors (Cowboys)
  • Thousand Island- Juniors (Beach Day)
  • Greek Dressing- Sophomores (Togas)
  • Oil & Vinegar- Freshman (Mix-and-match)

Thursday: Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad Day

Show off your best suburban outfit!

Friday: School Colors Day

We will of course end the week with the tradition of Seniors wearing black, Juniors wearing blue, Sophomores wearing white, and Freshmen in red. With such a simple theme, this would be a great day to get creative and go all out. Try wearing your class color head to toe!