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New Food Director Krystle Connell joins Londonderry School District

Domenica Vacca
New Food Services Director Krystle Connell hopes to bring “different foods” to the cafeteria and said she “loves getting feedback” from students.
Correction from the editorial board: In the recent Lancer Spirit news magazine, we mistakenly wrote the name Emily Kus rather than Krystle Connell in the new staff member section. Emily Kus was a new assistant who has since left LHS, but was still on the new staff member list. Krystle Connell came to LHS last November, so she wasn’t on last year’s or this year’s new staff member list, so there was some confusion when the reporter went to the cafeteria to conduct the interview. We apologize for this mistake and for any problems it may have caused.

The lunch room welcomes the Food Services Director for the Londonderry School District, Krystle Connell. From the sunny beaches of Florida, she has 13 years of experience running school kitchens, and plans to add more options to our menu. 

“I’m also very interested in bringing different food items to you guys,” Connell said. “Florida has a very different palette so it’s very interesting to see what you guys have never seen before as far as foods, but that is a slow process.”

The foods Connell wants to introduce include more pork and vegetarian-based options, however she is always open to feedback.

“I’m from a very Spanish community so I like things like plantains and pork,” Connell said. “Most of the things I’ve brought to the table have been shot down. I don’t think you guys are going to be eating gumbo or crawfish anytime soon, but I can at least ask even if you guys are telling me no.”

“The door is always open” for ideas and critiques according to Connell. 

“Change is a slow process, but also don’t be afraid to come in and see us,” Connell said. “We’re actually very open to the things that you guys say. I’d love to hear any feedback that the students have.”

The adjustment from coming so far South has definitely had “hiccups” according to Connell, but it is all “a learning experience.” 

“I have genuinely enjoyed it,” Connell said. “The first year is always rough coming from a new state and district, but I have gotten a lot of good feedback from people from the district so I’m hoping to actually start using some of that feedback so you guys can see it.” 

Connell is joining us from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School from Broward County in Florida after 12 years working in the county. 

“You guys are super tiny from what I’m accustomed to,” Connell said. “Schools in Florida are very large. Stoneman Douglas is larger than the entire [Londonderry school] district, so if I seem like I’m moving really fast, that’s why.”

After living so long in the hot climate of Florida, Connell is enjoying the change in weather.

“It’s very beautiful up here.” Connell said. “Florida is all sunny and while it’s beautiful, there’s no change. It’s the same all the time so actually watching it go from spring and then seeing it through summer and now all of my trees are getting naked, so that part is the most interesting. I haven’t really seen it so it is a beautiful place.” 

Connell has incorporated a number of programs in the other schools she’s worked at within the cafeteria setting. 

“I’m actually very interested in working with your special needs department to get your students to come in here and learn life skills,” Connell said. 

Despite the large adjustment from transferring to a smaller school, Connell has enjoyed being a part of Lancer Nation. 

“The schools are all very friendly and I think that’s because you’re so small,” Connell said, “so everybody knows everybody and it’s just very homey and nice.”  


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