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When they get the call they flip the phone

The Community Service Club (CSC) visits All American Assisted Living and spends time getting to know a little bit about all of their members.
Kelsey Sweet
Community Service Club is ready to spread love with their friends over at All American Assisted Living.

When this year’s newly elected Community Service Club (CSC) executive board members took on their positions, they brainstormed the best community fulfilling events to receive smiles from the community. 

Senior CSC President Sarah Defazio “loved” being able to visit the Assisted Living Center because the effect of helping them went both ways and they loved “getting to sit and just talk to [them].”

“Some of them don’t have people that visit them, and they were so thrilled that we were there,” Defazio said. “We were so excited that we were there, they just love to socialize.” 

Defazio was expecting to walk into the Assisted Living homes to just connect from helping them use their phones. Little did she know that they weren’t dealing with materials they were comfortable with, but that didn’t change the experience. 

“Some of them had flip phones which was a challenge, but we were able to figure it out while we helped them,” Defazio said. 

Helping others with easy tasks does not change the feeling it gives off. 

“It feels so good that you are making their day without having difficult tasks,” Defazio said. 

Sophomore representative Alex Furlong “wasn’t expecting” to have to adapt to new resources.

“When we went in there we didn’t know what to expect, especially the flip phones,” Furlong said. 

Although high schoolers weren’t prepared for the experience, Furlong mentions how it was a great, unexpected turn out.

“We started to focus more on a regular conversation than just the phones,” Furlong said. “It’s a good way to connect with them.”

Senior CSC Historian Abby Harrington had an “amazing time” attending the Assisted Living homes and encouraged others to attend the next round. 

“I would definitely go again,” Harrington said, “It was very fun for them but more fun for us.” 

Harrington knows that not everyone gets to have these experiences and she would “love to see you there” at upcoming meetings to learn more about upcoming events.

“It’s amazing to talk to a person who has so much experience, and see their perspective of things while we tell them about school,” Harrington said. 

Community Service Club Fights Homelessness, and are collecting Adult and Children’s socks. (CSC)

Sophomore Allie Woods “loved” having a small group of people to hang out with and creating connections. 

“We got there and were in a room with a handful, but it was kind of nice not having a bunch of people,” Woods said. 

Even though Woods didn’t know the citizens for long, she created bonds with them “very fast.” 

“She gave us life advice,” Woods said. “She told us what to look for in a partner, and to stay close without families.”

Woods felt “great” after leaving the event from meeting new people. 

“It’s good for the people that live there because they don’t get a lot of interactions with people,” Woods said. 

Woods knows that the “feel-good” feeling goes both ways and Defazio knows the representative had a great time. 

“Club representatives also got a lot out of it,” Defazio said.  “Everyone said they had a great time there.” 

Woods “loves” the memories they are walking away with and hopes others will try to attend upcoming events. 

“They enjoy sharing their stories with us, and resources that they are given to go on about their days but them seeing us is their highlight,” Woods said. 

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