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Modern Culture, Modern Destruction

53% of children have a smartphone by age 11 – National Institutes of Health. Image Created in Canva by Arianna E. Conomacos

Instead of playing outside and running around, kids are strutting around in half shirts while their parents allow it. Growing up nowadays is completely different from how it used to be. Kids are starting to grow up much earlier. They now talk about controversial topics and use inappropriate language. Our society should not be accepting this behavior and letting it be the new normal. 

Kids spend too much time unsupervised which exposes them to all sorts of things. TikTok, a social media platform where people share their lives, is used mostly by ages 10 to 19. Sometimes, TikTok can be a little too revealing for kids. 

Although Tik-Tok asks the user’s age, there is no way of verifying if it is accurate. There are instances of cyberbullying through comments and inappropriate challenges on the platform. Children now are wearing crop tops and posting themselves on social media dancing to inappropriate songs to “get with the trends.” 

Kids are portraying themselves to be older, which can attract unwanted attention from older men. Social media is letting kids into a world where their innocence is up for the taking. What kids may think is fun and trendy can actually be exposure to harmful trends that anyone with an account can watch over and over again. 

Instead of letting your kid download any app they want, monitor and help them set up apps so you can decide what is appropriate for them. Since older generations weren’t exposed to technology as children to the degree that those in the modern generation have been, they may not understand what is on the line for their children.

 A recent survey suggests that 42% of kids have a phone by age 10. If parents keep saying ‘yes’ to their kids, the age where kids get their phones will drop even lower. Kids may need to have contact with their parents in emergency situations but it is not always necessary to give them the latest iphone. Kids should be going outside and getting fresh air instead of staring at a screen and rotting their brains. Using electronics all day can lead to a decrease in productivity and lack of focus. 

Just 27% of children regularly play outside of their homes, compared to 71% of the baby boomer generation as stated on Children Today. Parents have to encourage play to get their kids’ brains up and running like how they were when they were kids. Even going outside to read a book will recharge your body and boost your mood.

According to Child In The City, kids on average spend only 12 minutes per day doing physical activity and an average of 10 hours laying down. This is caused by a reduced attention span and concentration. 

Kids need to be able to stay concentrated if they want to be successful in their lives. Instead of giving a kid a tablet, instead hand them a book or ask them to play a game to activate their brain. 

Some parents are not able to stay home all day with their kids to keep them company, so instead of handing your child a tablet, put on a show that is healthy for the brain or your child can play an interactive game to keep them busy. Purchasing an arts and craft station can also go a long way with endless possibilities. Alternatives could also be building a fort, or solving a puzzle. 

Childhood is the foundation of life and if that foundation isn’t strong, it will crumble. Without any push back from parents, children will do whatever they want.

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