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Let’s put a pin in it

Pinterest, a place for inspiration, new ideas, and fun.
With 498 million active users, every day quite literally millions of people use Pinterest to find their inspiration. Created in Canva by Arianna Conomacos

It’s Monday morning and you are planning on trying to make your hallway crush notice you, but you haven’t figured out what you are gonna wear. Your pinterest board knows exactly how to help you. 

Ever wonder why a teenager’s screen time can be so high on the daily? It’s most likely because they are spending hours scrolling, trying to hone their aesthetics.

From finding the ideal outfits, room decor, to date nights with friends, how to spend that night with your special someone, art ideas for the creative boots, and overall ideas that you want to have an impact on your daily life, Pinterest is the place for saving pins of fun ideas or activities to do when you are bored is a great thing that attracts teenagers to it. 

Pinterest isn’t just for finding outfit inspiration or cute activities, or funny memes can also be found that you are able to send to your friends. It’s a great way for communication and a way to find great things for everyday necessities. When scrolling on Pinterest, you will come across many funny memes on topics that your phone spends a lot of time being interested in. 

Pins that are found on Pinterest will either get saved to certain boards, or even saved to our photo memories, and then we wonder why our phone is running out of storage space.

I find myself scrolling through Pinterest, unable to put my phone down due to the huge diversity of the app. I save pins to get outfit inspiration, gift ideas, room decor, and pins that relate to my daily life and sophomore Leah Doherty would agree. 

Doherty always finds herself scrolling on Pinterest looking for gift ideas and daily inspiration. 

“I love Pinterest honestly because it inspires me outfit wise,” Doherty said. 

Doherty is “always found in the kitchen baking her favorite baked goods, thanks to Pinterest.”

“All the cute baking recipes help me make things for the people I love,” Doherty said. 

Like Doherty, junior Reya Rivera “loves” finding motivation and inspiration for Pinterest. 

“I mainly save art stuff, it gives me a lot of inspiration,” Rivera said. 

Pinterest can also teach people of all ages great organization skills and other key essential skills that affect our daily lives and personal interests that are great to get as you mature. Rivera expressed how it gives great inspiration for the creative aspects of daily lives. 

“I find gift ideas, outfit inspirations, and nail ideas,” Rivera said.

Often, Rivera finds herself “never getting off the app” because there is “always so much to see.” She finds herself with an “addiction.” 

“It’s a healthy addiction,” Rivera said. “I always want to keep scrolling so I will continue to, but I always know when enough is enough.” 

There is always so much to take away from the popular map according to Rivera.

“I use it for everything,” Rivera said. “It’s what keeps me together.” 

Rivera loves the fact that Pinterest is “such a safe environment” and “truly encourages others to partake in the environment.” 

“It’s a safe social media platform, and a way for people to express themselves truthfully without being judged,” Rivera said. 

Pinterest is a good place to express and find ideas with kind, motivated people on the internet, which is a great environment that takes your mind off of reality for hours.

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