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Londonderry Lancers share their experiences with the solar eclipse

Students take on a one in a lifetime experience, sharing the memories and moments that were created during the 2024 Solar Eclipse.
Kelsey Sweet
Sophomore Avery Yazbek, sophomore Joe Strong, sophomore Brandon Dyer (left to right) show their enthusiasm for the days track practice during the solar eclipse by showing off their eclipse eyewear.

When it comes to big events that take place after school, LHS takes the opportunity to provide ways for students to make memories while being attentive to their fellow peers. The spring sports teams were able to find great ways to see the sights of the total solar eclipse on Apr. 8 while being with their teams. 

Sophomore Avery Yazbek stayed true to his after-school commitments, while being able to enjoy the sight with his teammates. 

“Some may go to track, but we go to track to watch the solar eclipse happen,” Yazbek said. 

While the “bright” track runners showed off their eye wear in their math class, math teacher Rebecca Peabody made sure to hear everyone’s plans for the eclipse, as well as share a story about the memories she wanted to make with her kids. 

While many students spent the school day at LHS, the Science National Honors Society (SNHS) was able to take a trip up north to Montpelier, VT to get a closer look at the sun’s totality. 

Senior Sean O’Donnell and member of SNHS enjoyed his trip up to Montpelier, Vermont. 

“It was very cool,” O’Donnell said. “Montpelier is a very small town so there wasn’t much to do, but the eclipse was enjoyable.” The planning committee tried to make stops along the way, but the eclipse was all that was needed. 

“I was on the planning committee for the event, and we originally planned to go to a couple places,” O’Donnell said. “Nature reserve, cider reserve, and a maple candy shop, but we didn’t end up going to those places.” 

As expected, SNHS experienced a “rough ride” but it was worth the ride to see the great sights. 

“We ended up staying in Montpelier, parking was pretty tough, and it was hard to get back, but the experience was pretty cool,” O’Donnell said. 

“The solar eclipse was really cool, the lighting was really weird, the horizon was still lit up, but the sun was not,” O’Donnell said. 

The totality point of the eclipse was higher up north, and although Londonderry was in the 97 percentile, Montpelier was the closest place to see the eclipse in full totality. 

“I’m pretty sure it was only a minute and a half of totality, it was really cool to see the light ring around the sun, the coriolis,” O’Donnell said. 

“It looked just like a movie,” O’ Donnell said. 

How did LHS spend their eclipse?
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