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Varsity Baseball makes it to the playoffs

Coming into the final days of the season with no more than three losses out of their twenty game schedule, the LHS Boys Baseball team is on a tear of a season. Led by seniors Ty Miles, Jon Wilson, Joey Cafaro, Johan Pena, Ryan Williams, Jayden Hamilton, and Owen Carey, the team has a stacked roster of title-defending players.

“As a team we definitely had some ups and downs,” senior Jayden Hamilton said. “We had a rough first game but then we cruised through the middle of the season up until the very end where we hit a rough patch in our last three games. Overall, it was a good season and we look to continue it into the playoffs.”

Lancer Varsity Baseball lines up for a great season. (Londonderry High School Athletics)

Kicking off their season, the team had seen slight turbulence, but after brushing off the rust, they played a great season. For the team, they seem to be strong in the synergy department, and while there are multiple skills to deal with when playing against some of the best teams in the state, this key detail is a necessary piece in a competitive team.

“Some of the strengths we have is that we know we have a great team from top to bottom, so we trust everyone to do their job and just play like they can,” Hamilton said. “Personally I didn’t have the year I was hoping for. I still had a pretty good year, but I hold myself to a higher standard than what I produced this year. I was in my head a lot of the time which was also a huge struggle for a lot of my teammates as well.”

When preparing for the final games of the season during the playoff tournament, it is understood that some pregame rituals go a long way in helping the players keep a solid mindset. Ranging from activities the night before to learned habits directly after a game, the Lancers have their own rituals, respectfully.

“Some pre game rituals that I have is that I always have to put my bat in the same spot every time after batting practice,” Hamilton said. “I also have to put on my gear the exact same way every time as well. Another one that I have is that I have to play catch with the same person and throw next to the same person as well. I am very superstitious, so it is very important that I do these all the same for every game.”

Lancers deliberate what to do mid-match. (Londonderry High School Athletics)

Taking into account the knowledge of the players, one important factor of a good individual on the team has seemed to be player experience. Knowing how your fellow teammates will react to certain situations can go a long way in creating the perfect force to crush the opposition.

“ I think our experience is a huge strength,” Senior Ryan Williams said. “We have a lot of guys who’ve been here before and can perform under pressure. I feel like as a team we’ve had a pretty up and down season but we’re right where we need to be going into the playoffs and we know what we need to do. As a player, I’m doing my job and filling my role pretty well overall.”

One characteristic that feeds into determining a phenomenal team is being able to determine when another team is will put up a greater fight. Knowing their competition’s limits has done a great deal of good for the Lancers, and will continue to help them as they advance in the brackets. By saving their energy, they can turn the dial up to eleven whenever necessary.

Some of the tougher teams this year will be Pinkerton and Exeter,” Hamilton said. “Both these teams have great hitting lineups with some great pitchers so it won’t be easy completing our goal, but I am confident in our team and our ability. If we play the way we can there is no doubt in my mind that we can bring the title back. We just have to hit like we can and play great defense like we know we can and we’ll have a great shot.”

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