The greatest film ever made

Isaac Owens, Broadcasting Manager

 Since its 2003 release, Tommy Wiseau’s revolutionary masterpiece, The Room continues to transcend and inspire the film industry.

Taking on the role of director, writer, producer and actor, Wiseau set a new example for inventive indie filmmaking.

Taking place in the San Francisco Bay area, The Room tells the story of Johnny; an honest and hardworking banker looking to make ends meet and please his promiscuous fiance Lisa. A tale of deception and betrayal, the film is an emotional juggernaut that will surely tear you apart.

With nearly all of the events taking place in one small apartment, the movie is able to intimately focuses on its characters’ interactions. Being a study of human emotion and psyche, Wiseau crafts a beautiful and tangible screenplay that enables the audience to experience the weight behind each provoking line dialogue.

What is most surprising of all is the cast and crew’s near disappearance since the movie came out. Since 2003, aside from a book written on the film’s production, very little has been seen from the ‘artist’ behind the project. Upsettingly, the wholly original style of acting brought by Wiseau and his co-stars Greg Sestero, Juliette Danielle and Phillip Haldiman may not be brought to silver screen again.

Most notably in the performances given by Wiseau and especially Haldiman, in his role of Denny, are we given some of the film’s greatest moments. Frequently bringing light and humor to the often times dark screenplay, Denny proves to be one of the more memorable characters in such a timeless film. It is the greatest shock of all that the career of an actor as young as him was unable to skyrocket into success.

Compared to the great Citizen Kane by Entertainment Weekly, the chatter surrounding The Room has been tenacious since its release. Even going as far as inspiring the likes of Academy Award nominee James Franco in making a biopic on the film’s creation, it seems as though its legacy is ever growing.

When in comes to a film with a reputation as untouchable as The Room’s, you can “leave your stupid comments in your pocket”. If not through the popular mainstream, this is a movie that will live on forever through its unparalleled and dedicated fan base. Like nothing else put to film before, it’s a film to be cherished by all and especially studied by anyone interested in the film industry.