Students teach first graders during Science Day

Riley Walberg, News Editor

Mrs. Lawson and her Biotech and BioConnect students teamed up with North School teacher Mrs. Cornelissen to create an event so first graders could learn about DNA, cells, and what makes everyone different. This “Science Day” took place on Wednesday, May 25, at the high school and involved many small activities to help explain these concepts to first graders.

According to Lawson, senior Eric Mikutel was “instrumental in creating this event.”

“[Mikutel] assisted me for many hours after school to get everything ready,” Lawson said. “[He helped] come up with ideas on how we could teach this material to first graders, so they would get a basic understanding of what DNA is.”

Lawson said both the first graders and high school students had an “awesome time.”

“The high school students did an excellent job teaching the students a very difficult concept for six-year-olds to understand,” Lawson said.

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