There’s no day like a snow day

Alex Seeley, Features Editor

Rumors of an impending snow storm circulate.

Anticipation builds and students everywhere stayed glued to their television or personal electronic devices, frantically searching for the evening news or news app to see just how much snow is supposed to fall.

The predictions have decreased from around eight inches to around five inches. The excitement wanes a little, but hope remains that school will at least be delayed.

Seniors are on the edge of their seats willing that school will be deemed cancelled so that December 12 will be the one day they don’t have to make up in the 2016-17 school year.

Day shifts to night and the flakes still refuse to fall. The only thing left to do is go to bed while still clinging to the last shred of hope for a snow day.

The alarm screeches in the morning. Automatically you reach for your phone to determine whether you must rouse yourself or sleep the rest of the morning away. The news app seems to take forever to load. You scroll to the L section under closings and delays. Laconia, Lebanon both closed for the day.

Finally: Londonderry Closed on 12-12.

You drift back to sleep knowing that instead of walking the halls, you will be throwing snowballs.

And even if you have to shovel, you know that you’ll be spending the rest of the day however you like.

Here is how some LHS students spent their snow day:

Lauren Misiaszek sleds at Mack’s Apples.


Junior Jeff Cieslikowski plays with his dog, Riley, in the snow.

Junior Zoe Hayward walks with her dog, Bailey.



Junior Nathan Seeley does not let a snow day interfere with his training for Indoor Track and Field








How did YOU spend your snow day? Let us know! Please comment below this story or send an email (preferably with a pic of what you were doing!) to Mrs. DeWinkeleer at [email protected]

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