Zombie Nightmare

Courtesy of Clipart Library

Courtesy of Clipart Library

Alyssa Neal, Creative Writing Editor

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The morning air was only slightly chilly when I woke up, the day of Halloween dawning not so bright and early. I stretched my limbs before hopping off the bed, silence greeting me downstairs. Not so odd; my parents loved to sleep in on the weekends.


Pouring a bowl of booberries, I waved casually over my shoulder when the front screen door slammed open, with a resounding smack.


“What’s for breakfast?” my best friend of eight years asked quickly. I turned around to see her bouncing on the walls. Nothing was slow about this girl.


“Scar, cereal, as you’d clearly be able to see if you just looked.”


She just rolled her eyes, as usual, and grabbed a bowl.


“I have no reason to.” She had started shoveling the food down her throat in a disgusting manner. “Um, are you all right?”


“Of course.”


It was around the time my parents were typically getting up when I heard the sound of glass shattering somewhere in the house. I shared a glance with Scar, before slowly standing up.


“Hello?” I called, walking slower than my pet snails glides. “Mum? Dad?” When I received no answer, I hesitated slightly, not entirely willing to keep going. “Are you okay?” My pace slowed even further, eyes widening in the wake of a guttural moan. I reached my hand back, grabbing behind me for Scar, who held tight.


My parents’ door squeaked as I opened it, my heart pounding loudly in my ears.


“Honey!”  My mother cheered. “I’m so sorry. I feel like such a clutz. Dropping the mirror, and cutting my hand in the process of cleaning up! My goodness. I didn’t wake you, did I? I’m dreadfully sorry if I did.” My father came into the room then, a smile alight on his face.


“Let’s get that hand cleaned,” he rumbled, clearing his throat.


“Oh, I’m, uh, going to finish breakfast. Just wanted to say hi… You coming, Scar?” I turned around at the door, expecting Scarlet to be right behind me. She wasn’t. Staring straight ahead, she was walking towards the broken glass, feet cracking it even more the closer she got. “Scarlet?” My eyebrows knitted together, as I glanced out the door, then back, “You coming?”


She reached her hand out, fingertips barely skimming the blood of my mother. Dipping her fingers in the puddle, she took her hand out, dripping with blood. I watched as she stared at it a few moments in total silence.


I did not know until today that a person could fit their whole hand in their mouth. And when it came back out, there was not a drop of blood left on it.


“Uh, Mum?” I turned my eyes away from Scar, but I did not see my parents.


I grabbed Scarlet’s hand, forcing her away from the little meal of blood, rushing through the house. I couldn’t find them anywhere.


“Should we go out? Search for them? Call the police? Get help?” I tugged harder on Scar’s arm, as we ran around the house. “Come on, Scar, you’re practically a dead weight.”


“I don’t…” she trailed off, dropping to the ground. I jumped back in shock. “Feel so…” Her eyelids were fluttering. “Good.”


“Scarlet? Come on…Wake up…” I shook her softly, then harder. “Scarlet! You can wake up, and then-after you wake, and I make sure you’re okay-we can go. Go in search of my parents. I do know how you’d love to find them and all. Come on, Scarlet….Please…” Tears were running down my face as she remained unresponsive.


I picked her up, staggering slightly under her weight, and stumbled with her to my bedroom. Running out, I grabbed the phone, and hurried back to her.


“911? Please pick up, 911.” My heart was racing, as the tone dialed, before clicking off, beeps ringing in my ear. “No!” I mumbled, tears continuing their journey down my face. I looked at her, her face pale against my jet black sheets, spit decorating them. “Scar,” I whispered, starting towards her, before stopping.


I turned around, rushing to the kitchen. I splashed cool water on my face, hoping that this was just a dream, and that I would wake any second.


Hearing low groaning from the direction of my room, I walked towards the door hesitantly. “Scarlet?” I was whispering, afraid to speak any louder. “Are you, uh, okay?” The groaning only got louder, as the door slowly creaked open. Scar was never slow.


When the door was fully open, my view was not a pleasant one. I could hear my scream tear its way through the fabrics of the world.


Her body was splitting before my eyes, causing blood to course down her whole person, pooling at her feet. Her eyes were hollowed out, leaving just the sockets in their wake. I backed up, hitting the wall opposite my room, eyes not leaving the broken picture.


“I can’t…” I jerked away as she slowly reached for me, unable to pick up and move my feet. My eyes squeezed shut as thumps made their way closer.


The only thing I could see was black, as I passed out.


“Honey?” Lifting my arm, I squeezed the warm hand that was shaking my shoulder. “You’ve been out for a while. Well, since you randomly passed out after seeing the blood on the floor.”

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