NFL weekly picks: Super Bowl

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The last week of football is already upon us! We started this picks series on Week Four and we have been publishing our weekly picks each Thursday from that week forward. The race to 1st place has been tight through the duration of the season, and the choosing of nine picks can determine the winner. Here is how we stand heading into the Super Bowl:






And here are our Super Bowl themed picks:

Super Bowl preview:
In 2002, the New England Patriots began their dynasty by defeating the St. Louis Rams 20-17 after Adam Vinatieri kicked the game winning field goal following the Rams’ 14 point comeback in the fourth quarter. Now in 2019, the Patriots are set to play against the now Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta. Sean McVay and Jared Goff are the youngest head coach and the youngest quarterback, respectively, to ever play in the Superbowl. On the other side of the field the greatest coaching and quarterback duo to ever grace football look to beat the Rams in the Superbowl for the second time this century.
This year has been different for the Patriots. They lost five games and people proclaimed the dynasty dead, the reign of terror over. But despite going 3-5 on the road they came out and lit up the Chargers in Foxborough. Their next challenge was travelling to Kansas City to face off against the probable MVP, Patrick Mahomes. The Patriots silenced their haters by winning the AFC championship, on the road, in a nail biter of a game in overtime.
In all honesty, this is possibly the worst Patriots team that has made the superbowl. Not working with a ton of talent on defense, they stopped the best offense in the league. Along with that the Patriots have not had a true “outside of the numbers” wide receiver since Josh Gordon was indefinitely suspended by the NFL for violating the substance abuse policy. The offense relies on quick passes and ground attack to overcome the other teams pass rush. Yes, Brady does throw short often, but he doesn’t need to throw 360 no scope passes into a triple teams if they can exploit the defense with simpler methods. These quick passes will have to be used to subdue Aaron Donald’s disruptive presence. Rams corners do not move around often with Aqib Talib taking 93% of snaps on the left side of the field and the infamous Nickell Robey-Coleman playing almost exclusively in the slot. With the lack of movement, the Patriots can get any matchup they want. Look for a big day for Edelman with Robey-Coleman on him.
Rams boast one of the best offenses in football. Sean McVay has been a wizard on the offensive side of the ball. But they have not looked overly impressive. They robbed the Saints of a chance at the Superbowl in a controversial overtime win. They relied on their two running backs against the Cowboys and almost lost that game. Todd Gurley has looked like the Hulk in Infinity War and wasn’t been able to get back to his possible MVP contender self in the Saints game, something is probably wrong with him. Defensively stud defensive tackles in Donald and Suh that get to the quarterback often. Talib has been injured a lot this year, but his play has been solid overall. On the other side, Marcus Peters has been inconsistent this year. Lamarcus Joyner has not been great this year either.
The Patriots should win this game. They have been here before. It is the veterans against the young guns. Bill Belichick should win his coaching matchup again like he did versus Andy Reid. I think at the end we will see Tom Brady hoist yet another Lombardi.
Among other things, we can imagine that officiating will be monitored closely. After the controversial call in the NFC Championship, the NFL will have a close eye on the biggest sporting event of the year, as one more missed call could be detrimental to the league. Just as we were all season, we are rooting for one more Patriots victory to cap off a rollercoaster 11-5 regular season. Thank you for following us all season and go Patriots!



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