Creative Writing Contest Is Underway


The theme is scary fiction. Have fun!

Requirements for your short story: 

  • Your short story must have your name on it, size 12 font, and at least one page long.
  • Any controversial issues addressed in your short story must be covered wisely so that they won’t need to be questioned.
  • Please, do not include unnecessary violence and/or swear words. 

You will be judged on… 

  • …the requirements above.
  • …your creativity, flow, originality, as well as clarity.

Please proofread your story for grammatical/and/or spelling errors, to the best of your ability, before submitting and contact creative writing editor Rachel St. Louis via email (below)  for any additional questions. The winning submission will be featured in the October issue of the Lancer Spirit magazine.

Share or email your story to [email protected] no later than the end of the school day on Tuesday, 10/15/19.