Freshman President Alisha Khalil


Photo courtesy of Alisha Khalil

Class of 2023 President Alisha Khalil poses for a photo while she was in Switzerland this past summer.


Our first year as Lancers is currently underway and I am looking forward to all the goals we’ll accomplish this year, and in the years to come. Just a few months back in June, we had step-up-day introducing us all to new clubs, sports and activities. Your class officers and advisors couldn’t have been happier to see so many of you getting involved, and we encourage you all to do so in the upcoming years. Seeing you all so excited to become a part of Lancer Nation shows how awesome the Class of 2023 really is! Along with extra-curricular activities, it is crucial that we as freshman start our fundraising opportunities now to help us during our junior and senior year. If we build a foundation early, our upperclassmen years will be a breeze. Without a doubt, I know that we can keep our efforts strong and our spirits high. 

With that in mind, your class officers and advisers are extremely happy with the outcome of the first few days of this adjusting period. The first few weeks of school can be tough, especially coming from a school with which we were well acquainted with, to now a new, much larger school. Though it has been a big change adjusting from LMS to LHS, we have done an amazing job getting past those obstacles. In no time at all, we adjusted to our new schedules and how our classrooms work, which I am incredibly proud of.  

The Class of 2023 is truly an exceptional class, and I am looking forward to seeing how we will all grow together as Lancers. On behalf of your class officers and advisers, it is a great honor to be a part of such an amazing class, and we wish you all the best this year.



Alisha Khalil