Senior President Kerry Daley


Photo courtesy of Kerry Daley

Class of 2020 Reps celebrate their first meeting of the year in September.

To my fellow Seniors,

We have reached our final year together here at Londonderry High School; the apex of our academic careers in Londonderry. Senior year is a year that affords us a copious amount of resources and activities, activities that are heavily influenced by our seasoned leadership. We effectively run the school: our boys are the ones powering our powerhouse of a football team, our writers and artists are the students expressing themselves in the Lancer Spirit and other forms of media, and our band is led by senior leaders carrying on the tradition of the band’s immaculate image in our community and country at large. Some of you are eloquent and inspiring in your approach, others are crazy enough to dump hundreds of plastic bottles out in front of an audience of hundreds of people at a pep rally. Whatever the method to presenting yourself may be, we as a class truly are the engine behind change and progression in our school and community. And for that reason, I cannot be more proud of any individual in our class, as your impact, although seemingly unappreciated at times, is one that will always go a long way. 

But for now, this is it Class of 2020. There will be many “one last’s” this year, whether it be our last Mack Plaque, Pantene, or pep rally. Lots of these activities are once in a lifetime events that we will never experience again. I don’t say that pessimistically, but optimistically. Make the most of everything we have here: activities, resources, and community. There will only be one Lancer Nation in your life; utilize it as much as possible. The year 2020 has a special ring to it, and I have no doubt that this class’s legacy will be special as well.

Welcome back Class of 2020, let’s make senior year one to remember.

Sincerely, Kerry Daley