Remembering and honoring LMS teacher Bob MacLellan

Video created by LMS teacher Mrs. Roy

We remember Mr. Mac.

Whether you had him in class or heard his voice echo through the halls of Londonderry Middle School, American Studies teacher Bob MacLellan, better known as Mr. Mac, had an ever-lasting effect on each and every student he had and the Londonderry community as a whole.

Mr. Mac created a positive environment for students to share their thoughts and was always there to help his students and everyone around him and lighten any situation with his bright smile and hearty laugh.

The Lancer Spirit has asked community members, former students, staff members and anyone else who knew Mr. Mac to share their memories and thoughts on him. His passing, although sudden, shines a bright light on the lives he has touched throughout his teaching career.

If you have any memories, photos or thoughts involving Mr. Mac, please comment below the story, email The Lancer Spirit or contact a Lancer Spirit editor.

Mr. Mac will forever be a part of the Londonderry community and The Lancer Spirit would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mac for the mark he left on students over the past years and send condolences to his family. If you would like to read Mr. Mac’s obituary, please follow this link.

Jilian Jones, 2017-2018 student: 

Memory: “He was the best teacher I’ve ever had, He was so supportive and funny, and was always willing to lend a hand or help you out in any way.”

Quote: “You have the ability to go far in life, you just have to work for it and run with it.” 

Grady Daron, 2017-2018 student: 

Memory: He was always kind and friendly, I didn’t really talk a lot, but he always made sure to talk to me. He saw me reading a Red Sox book and he went on and on about Ted Williams and he even showed me a video that he made of himself taking batting practice with a stick trying to mimic Williams. He was just always happy and trying to learn even as a teacher.”

Other memory: “At the 8th grade dance he came up to me and said “Grady, you’re a handsome young man, why aren’t you dancing, are there any girls you’re interested in?” I didn’t know what to say so then he goes, “It’s fine you have plenty of time for girls later, just focus on what you want, but that girl over there looks cute,”. Then he just walked away, it just showed how kind and funny of a person he was.”

Cheyenne Terburgh, former student:

Memory: “He always made sure everyone was okay, he always made us laugh and taught us so much.”

Quote: “He always talked about music. Always talked to us about the real world, and that our opinions matter.”

Megan Roger, 2019-2020 student: 

Memory: “When he would make everyone smile.”

Quote: “Don’t ever give up.”

Anonymous student:

Memory: “When we were doing fire and ice, he kept distracting me by talking to me and making jokes while we were playing soccer.”

Quote: “Alright, okay.”

Other memory: “When we went to Canobie [Lake Park] he hung out with me and my friends the whole time.”

Victoria Savage, 2019-2020 student:

Memory: “When I would walk in the hallway and hold up a peace sign and he would do it back.”

Quote: “He would tell me to chase my dreams and to never give up.”

Other memory: “He would always walk into class happy and play music and start singing and cheer everyone up. He would always tell funny stories about when he was a teenager.He was the best teacher anyone could ever ask for! He would always talk about hockey to me and how he would love getting in fights.”

Ava Griffin, 2019-2020 student:

 Memory: Mr.Mac just came back from surgery and I remember the two people I sat next to always agreed to see who was right. And the one time I said something. I was the one right and I just remember  Mr. Mac and I  laughing.”

Quote: “Chase your dreams, and that no matter where you come from you can become someone who you never thought you could.”

Other memory:  “Mr.Mac halfway through the year told us we had to write in our notebooks and at the end of the year he would check them and see we had one for each day. And now, because of corona he couldn’t and a bunch of people were happy. But now we can’t show him the one time he made us scared he can’t see us outcome it.  He went To the rehab place after his surgery and they had a pool and he said that was the best part of his day and he couldn’t wait to go.”

Mayson Geurogpholis, 2016-2017 student:  

Memory: Showing him my D.C. project and him being so impressed he wanted to use it as an example for future classes.”

Other memory: “Mr. Mac was one of the best teachers I know. He was passionate about what he did and truly cared about his students. He made kids interested in learning with his personality and humor. He was a huge role model and inspiration in eighth grade. As a junior now I would just like to say thank you. Thank you Mr.Mac for being there at times when I needed a teacher to talk to. Thank you for always believing in me.”

Anonymous student:

Memory: “I was in the cafe eating breakfast laughing with a friend and he walked in joking around with us. He always made me laugh and he was more than a teacher. He was a friend to many.”

Other memory: “His smile will never be forgotten, and his laugh too.” 

Ashley Perry, 2017-2018 student:

Memory: “He always supported my horseback riding and always showed he cared.”

Alisha Khalil, 2018-2019 student: 

Memory: “His falling off of his chair and immediately after playing the air guitar.”

Quote: “Focus and stay determined. You will do great things and be a great leader. I have faith in you. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams” – Mr. Mac

Kevin Rourke, 2019-2020 student:

Memory: “Talking to him after school about baseball.”

Quote: “He told me to never give up on my dream of playing [baseball] at the next level.” 

Colby Lynch, 2017-2018 student:

Memory: “On the floating lab trip my eighth grade year, Mr. Mac was telling me a story about lost objects on the floating lab trip in years past all of sudden the winds took his hat right off of his head and it was lost at sea. He looked at me and said “ Oh don’t worry, I’ll find that hat washed up at shore in twenty years”

Other memory: “He was the best teacher I’ve ever had. Rest In Peace Mr. Mac.”

Emily Smith, 2018-2019 student:

Memory: “Last year I would just draw all the time during class, and instead of getting me in trouble, he would encourage me to always draw, because he said one day he would see my drawings in cartoons, just like his son’s.”

Quote: “Mr. Mac would tell all sorts of amazing stories.”

Other memory: “He was my favorite teacher.” 

Sarah Joe, 2016-2017 student: 

Memory: “I had him EG period, so we had lunch halfway through the period. Everyday I would announce “Mr Mac it’s time for lunch” 5 minutes before and he would always yell at me and make the class laugh and then let us go early.”

Quote: “He told me no matter how long he would teach in room 116, the back of the class would always be my spot.”

Other memory: “He would always talk about his fingers and we thought it was so funny. Also, I feel like his class matured me for high school and I honestly can’t imagine not having him as a teacher.”

Hannah, former student:

Memory: “He danced with everyone at the 8th grade dance.” 

Quote: “Keep surfing.”

Ellie Glynn, 2018-2019 student: 

Memory: “Both of our dogs passed away within the same day, we both talked to each other about it and he helped me.”

Quote: “You were an amazing student, you’re going to do incredible in high school.”

Other memory: “I remember he loved the song Country Roads, and he sang it to the class every once in a while.”

Laura Bowen, 2017-2018 student: 

Memory: “On the last day of 8th grade Mr. Mac hugged me and he started crying. I cried with him grieving the fact that I would no longer sit in his class and listen to his funny stories. I  just felt so honored to have a teacher that cared so much about his students that he cried when they were leaving him.”

Quote: “In my yearbook he wrote “Laura, you always have a smile and seem to be in a great mood. I hope you have a great summer and high school is more than fun. Catch the wave and sit on top of the world.” 

Other memory: “I never thought I would be doing this because Mr. Mac was a man who showed perseverance, courage, and resilience, and he just seemed like nothing could stop him. I admired how he loved each of his students and how he made every day fun. He never put too much pressure on us to measure up, but he expected us to do our best. I am extremely saddened that I will no longer get to see his smile or hear one of his funny stories. Though I have comfort in knowing that Mr. Mac is most definitely in heaven. He will be very missed.”

Sathvik Manam, 2017-2018 student: 

Memory: “We were on Floating Lab and I was taking a picture of him and another student. He had the biggest smile on his face and he was wearing a hat. We hit a wave and the hat fell off. Despite the loss, Mr Mac enthusiasm didn’t even phase. He told me “Sathvik, don’t you forget Mr Mac never loses a hat. You’ll come back in twenty years and. See me on a beach with that hat on you’ll see”. Though the loss of a hat is not that big of a deal, it showed me what a truly good and happy man he was to me and his students whom he treated like children. I will always remember him.” 

Quote: “Catch a wave and you are sitting on top of the world.”

Other memory: “He was one of the greatest teachers I had and really pushed me to be a more open speaker and better person.”

Anonymous student: 

Memory: “Sitting down with him and talking for hours during the 8th grade field trip to Canobie.”

Quote: ““My wife always has and always will be the most beautiful woman in New Hampshire.”

Other memory: “No other teacher in my entire time in schooling at Londonderry has stuck with my more than Mr.Mac. He was a role model and an extremely loving husband. Even while his wife was very sick in every conversation he made it clear that his wife was the love of his life and would stick by her. He truly touched me and my friends forever and for that I am truly grateful that he was a part of my schooling. I will miss him dearly and I hope he knows that he will be sticking with me for the rest of my life.”

Gg Small, 2015-2016 student:

Memory: “There was never a dull moment in his class. He always played his favorite songs during lessons as background music which would make us laugh. Sometimes during class his wife, Deborah, would call and Mr. Mac would stop the whole class to make sure we all said hi to her over the phone. His room was a stress free zone too. He always knew how to put a smile on his student’s faces.”

Anonymous  student: 

Memory: “When my class was learning about Abe Lincoln he was comparing himself to Lincoln by saying the boy has very tough feet. He then went on to explain how he cut his foot on a rock one time at a beach.”

Other memory: “Legendary teacher all around.”

Reese, former student: 

Memory: “One time he had his wife on speaker because she called him. She accidentally swore, so he made her apologize to the class.”

Quote: “The map of the US was picked up, and all the loose nuts fell to California.”

Maggie Edwards, 2018-2019 student: 

Memory: “Him micro-managing our team’s soccer performance in Fire & Ice.”

Quote: “”Travel wherever you can while you’re still young. When you’re old and stuck home-bound, you’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve seen it all.”

Other memory: “One of the kindest and funniest people I’ve ever met. Always wanted to put a smile on everyone’s face even when he was having a bad day. He saw the good in every kid and wished nothing but the best for all of the school, and will be greatly missed by our whole community. Rest in peace, Mr.Mac. I’m sure he’s chatting it up with the members of The Beatles as we speak.”

Anonymous student: 

Quote: “Don’t let the past get to you, look forward to the open roads ahead of you.”

Sean Clegg, 2018-2019 student: 

Memory: “I remember one day i was walking in the hallway to get to the library and I ran into Mr. Mac. We both stopped where we were going and talked. He cracked a few jokes and had me laughing. it’s little things like that that made him such a good guy. he was more than just a teacher. he knew all his students and enjoyed just talking to them and getting to teach them.”

Quote: “A lot of things he’s said have really stuck with me. but it wasn’t something he said that stuck with me the most. It was the fact that he was so passionate about everything he did,  whether that was teaching or getting involved in politics, he always seemed to love what he did; that has really inspired me to be passionate about what I do and to try at everything I do.”

Other memory: “Mr. Mac was the best story teller on the planet. He loved sharing old teaching stories or stories about events earlier in his life. He managed to put a smile on everybody’s face that he has ever met.”

Anonymous  student: 

Memory: “Him dancing down the hallways or blasting his old music while singing it.”

Quote: “As long as you try your hardest and participate in class you will do good in life and you will make it far.”

Other memory: “His epic and ‘doesn’t even try’ comebacks that everyone laughs [at] .”

Collin Laconto, former student: 

Memory: “I remember going on the field trip to Canobie, more specifically, meeting Mr.Mac and a few friends in the sons of liberty tavern. He bought us all sodas and we talked about the revolutionary war and George Washington for at least an hour. At the end, we had someone take a picture of all of us.”

Quote: “I remember Mr. Mac telling me how I could be anything in life if I worked towards it.”

Other memory: “I remember on the last day of political club, we sat in his room after school and watched Forrest Gump on the projector.”

Anonymous student:

Memory: “On Valentine’s Day he told us this story of how he used to buy his wife flowers from the same flower shop everyday on his way home from work. The story really just showed how genuine and caring he was.”

Quote: “You will be a future leader of America.”

Heidi Ricker, 2018-2019 student: 

Memory: “Mr. Mac has always been so influential to everyone he meets, even people who weren’t his students. I have so many amazing memories of him, it’s hard to choose just one. So instead, I wish to share what an amazing person he was. Ever since the first day of school, Mr. Mac was so supportive of everything everyone did. For me personally, he encouraged me artistically, both in my poetry and photography. He also ignited an interest in politics that I previously wasn’t aware that I even had. Mr. Mac was just such an amazing person all around. He was loved dearly, and will be missed dearly.”

Quote: “In everyone’s yearbook, he signed a personal note, always followed by a quote from Abraham Lincoln. The quote read, “the best way to predict the future, is to create it.” Even though Mr. Mac technically didn’t say this, it has always resonated with me. To this day, I still try my best to live by that quote. Now, I will even more so in the future.”

Mercy M, former student: 

Memory: “When I was in Mr. Mac’s class in eight grade he was always a very enthusiastic, kind, and funny person. He always told many funny and far fetched stories as well just stories about his life, he was always one of the nicest teachers. Whenever I was in a shlump he was there to cheer me up, Mr. Mac always helped me when I thought I couldn’t do certain things. In all Mr. Mac was an amazing person and will be missed dearly, rest in paradise.”

Quote: “He told me that even if others told me I couldn’t do something that all I had to believe was in myself because as long as I knew I could do it, it would happen.”

Mike Watts, 2015-2016 student: 

Memory: “During Mr. Mac’s class, we’d always talk about politics. I have always loved politics. Mr. Mac was a hard liberal, I was conservative. We always had good debates, but I’ll never forget the last day of school, when I gave him a Trump bumper sticker, and he gave me a Bernie one. I still have the Bernie one.”

Quote: “Mr. Mac told me that having a different opinion was something I should be proud of and stand up for, no matter what my peers, teachers, or society is saying.”

Liam McIntyre, 2015-2016 student: 

Memory: “I remember he set up a voting day for the presidential primaries in 2016, and during political club we set up the form together. I remember having a lot of fun with him in the Political Club, and we all had our chances to talk about our views, and he always encouraged us to be the best you could be.”

Quote: “Always believe in yourself, and never let yourself down.”

Other memory: “I will always remember Mr. Mac as he helped encourage my love of politics. I will miss seeing him at the middle school. Rest In Peace Mr. Mac. I will never forget you.”

Anonymous student: 

Memory: “Mr. Mac was honestly one of the most optimistic people I knew. He would always spread joy and positivity to others even though he was the one that was going through the most. I mourn for him and his family and mostly his wife. He was such a beautiful soul and he will not be forgotten.”

Quote: “Mr. Mac taught me that only the worst days can get better.”

Jon Page, 2018-2019 student of Mr. Barry: 

Memory: “I was sitting in class and Mr. Mac came into Mr. Barry’s room and grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me into his room. He asked me to arrange desks because his wife’s surgery was the next day and he wanted to make it easier for the sub. After I did, he gave me some gum and sent me back to class. Mr. Barry joked about how Mr. Mac kidnapped me.

Quote: “I was never his student, but I wish I was. Amazing, well rounded man.”

Other memory: “Very hard to see him go. I hope all family members and friends are doing the best they can.”

Jasmin Conde, 2016-2017 student: 

Memory: “The last time I saw Mr. Mac was on March 4th, 2020, the second to last week we spent in school. I had arranged an interview that I wanted to do with him for my Economics class. An interview that should’ve only lasted about fifteen minutes quickly turned in joyful conversation that lasted at least an hour. We talked about so much and I wish I could’ve recorded it all. He told me so many stories and just gave me so much advice. We sat there, engaged in conversation, losing track of every minute. It was so exciting because we were setting up a plan for me to shadow him. We were thinking of having me go in for the second half of the day and we were setting up a lesson plan, we would teach side by side. I would give so much to have been able to make that moment happen.”

Quote: “A positive attitude with a head on your shoulders,” no matter how rough life gets, that’s who I am.”

Other memory: “Mr. Mac was my mentor. He is my biggest reason for wanting to become a social studies teacher or to at least go into a profession in which I can help people. I knew that he was passionate about what he did, when he talked about his love for being a teacher, it was clear that there was no other job for him. He was a true patriot and a genuine person. No matter what type of student someone was, Mr. Mac was always so welcoming. He made everybody know that they were valid and he never turned his back on his students. I remember when he would tell me that he was troubled when he was younger. He often called himself a hippie and experienced so many adventures that one could only dream of doing. It’s so hard to know that he’s gone, it’s far too soon. However, as I know Mr. Mac would say, let it be. I don’t know if I have ever met someone that loves the Beatles as much as he did, but I will never forget him talking about John Lennon or his referencing to the Let It Be song. Whenever I hear the Beatles, I will always think of him.”

Anonymous future student:

“I didn’t really know him but he was going to be one of my teachers next year.”

Memory: “Seeing his bright smile in the library or hallways during the day.”

Joshua Schmitt, 2018-2019 student: 

Memory: “A memory I always tell is when I tore my acl the Friday of February break. I was doing the event and well I tore my acl and Mr. Mac was right next to me when I did it. He came right up to me and I had my eyes closed so I couldn’t see him, but he said “Josh everything will be alright” and then I heard him screaming and running away and I just pictured him waving his hands above his head while running, and it made me laugh when I was in pain. And I can’t forget about all the smiles and advice he would give students in the hallway if he had them or not.”

Quote: “Towards the end of the year last year I wasn’t really working in the stuff I was supposed to and he told me that maybe school isn’t my thing but you need to at least get through high school and I just always thought of him every once and a while and it would make me happy.”

Other memory: “His teaching style made me learn easier and his sayings like “okay alright, it’s just that simple, it’s really just that easy” and him just waving and talking to people in the hall. Also him not knowing what’s going on was always funny and fun.”

Mr. Barry, LMS Social Studies teacher:

Memory: “There are lots of memories of Mr. Mac.  We had many conversations together.  Lots of stories about his past experiences and on the meaning of life.  One of my main memories of Mr. Mac was that things from my classroom would go missing.  Things I would need for my lessons like books, lesson plans,  markers, etc.  I would always find them in Mr. Mac’s room and when I confronted him about it we would always joke about it.  He had a great sense of humor and did  not have a bad bone in his body.  He embodied for me what it meant to be an educator.”

Quote: “We had lots of conversations together.  Some of these things he said to me I cannot share.  It wouldn’t be appropriate.  He knew I was the youngest of three.  One time he said to me “Ryan, I bet you are a good little brother.  You do a good job keeping a secret.”

Other memory: “Mac Lives!”

If you have a memory of Mr. Mac, please share in the comments below.