BREAKING NEWS: Lancer nation students petition to stay remote

Petition on created by Alex Elguezabal has nearly 600 signatures to continue remote learning. All quotes throughout this article were obtained from said petition .

Kaylie Donahue

Both students and their parents have been voting on to keep LHS students remote.

From preschoolers to high school seniors, students in the Londonderry district have been put into remote learning since the end of November. Now, with remote learning coming to a close, students of all grades are speaking out against in-person learning. 

One such student is senior Alexander Elguezabal. Making a petition on, Elguezabal is petitioning to have remote learning continue indefinitely until it is completely safe to come back to the school building. He now has nearly 600 signatures within 24 hours of posting the petition. 

Elguezabal states in the petition that there are too many health concerns centering around COVID-19 to go back into the school safely.

“We can already see that the community can not inhibit the spread of the virus,” Elguezabal said. “So how are 14 to 18-year-olds going to be able to while they are with friends at school?

While some argue on the site that it’s mainly health concerns centering the need to stay remote, students like junior Damian Fabiano stated it’s because he prefers the set-up of remote over hybrid.

So far the petition has 600 signatures from a mixture of students, staff, and concerned parents. (Kaylie Donahue)

I don’t want to go back because the way [the schools] do hybrid is so bad for learning, at least in full remote there’s some consistency. But if I choose to stay full remote on January 18 I will probably have to get new teachers if they even let me stay full remote,” Fabiano said in his comment. 

Elguezabal plans to go in front of the school board to present his case with his accumulated signatures. 

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Continuation of Remote Learning For Londonderry School District Petition